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My name is Regina Curley & I am the owner of Regina Curley Life Coaching. I trained in Holistic Practices in the 1990's and since then I have evolved into Holistic Life Coaching. I am currently a Holistic Practitioner/Tutor and life coach. 

I value my clients and aim to create a safe and comfortable environment and relationship with all. To do that, I have some key values that I would stand by in all that I do.

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When clients come to work with me, they usually have an agenda of some sort. They are usually looking to heal something physical, emotional, or spiritual. In most cases a combination of all. Either someone that has already worked with me recommended me or they have looked me up on the relevant governing body register. 


Confidentiality is an important value I have in my business. I always reassure clients when they come for treatment, about the confidentiality rule. Especially if they are family members or friends of current clients. 


It’s vitally important to know that the space provided by the therapist or coach, is sacred and the exchange between us is confidential in every way.  Clients need to feel safe and relaxed, in order to release their ‘stuff’.


Along with lots of other lessons, learning about confidentiality is the first one I teach in my classes, when I have students for therapy diploma certification. 


To be able to trust your therapist is the greatest gift of all. Clients trust me with their precious private information, I handle it with care and store it in the treatment room, to be cleansed and ‘saged’ when the client has left.


What do you think the world be like if we didn’t have people who were sincere in what they do?


I believe that all good businesses, just like life, need a solid foundation. In my work and in my personal life, sincerity is one of my big values. My business is built on the platform of kindness, honesty, loyalty and sincerity. When a client attends for a session, they have my full attention. My phone does not enter the treatment space. I am not available for anyone else or anything else, but the client.


One of the first questions I ask when a client is making an appointment, is how do you think I can help you? If the answer to that question is an unrealistic expectation, I will tell the client that. Sometimes my work expertise would not cover their particular issue, I will tell them that too, and refer them on to another therapist.


I am a heart worker, I cannot pretend, or take clients under false-pretences.  It is not in my work ethic to do that. Sincerity and honesty go hand in hand. We must be honest with ourselves first, before we can make progress with working with clients. 


I am always looking for new ways to progress my personal growth work. The more work I do, the better my client will benefit.



Loyalty is rare if you find it keep it.  That statement really resonates with me. It is a value that I treasure very much.  Especially with my work. My job is the best one ever. I inspire people to change their thinking, release their old negative beliefs and patterns of behaviour, in order to live their best life.


I am with you every step of the way as you navigate your emotional burdens. It’s a privilege to accompany clients on their journey of self-discovery, and nurture them as they bloom into the best version of themselves that they can be.


There are many tips, tools, techniques, and therapies tailored to meet your needs in my very full Therapists Toolbox.

Respect & Non Judgement

When I was training to be a QTT Practitioner, as with every modality, there are guidelines. Those guidelines are the five golden rules and the first two are about respecting everyone’s model of the world and being non-judgemental. That’s the essential guide to good work practice. 


Working with clients, I don’t have any expectations or judgements. Everyone’s journey is their own.  It is never my place to criticise or judge or tell you what to do. Indeed, the good news is, I don’t even need to hear a story to help you. My privileged role is to accompany, support and nurture my client. A role I am so passionate about.


Taking part in personal growth work, is something I do on a regular basis and I have never regretted it. Probably why I really enjoy assisting other people to do the same.  The release, the relief, the light feeling, is all I ever want to feel now.

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