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Connection v's Disconnection

How does it feel when you step away from a long-term friendship that really disappointed you? The shock, the hurt, the sadness, the isolation, and the loneliness are so overwhelming.

The constant questioning that follows. What did I do that made this go so wrong? How did I not see this before? It is nothing short of mental torture. But why, why do we behave that way? We are educated people after all, we cannot use the excuse that we know nothing, not in this day and age, when there are so many opportunities to learn and to heal.

When we connect with people, especially those on our ‘wavelength’, we never see that the connection may become broken or distorted in the future. But from working with many people who have come to the treatment room in a lot of pain from the disconnection of friendships, I notice that they never see the growth in themselves, ever.

I like to remind clients that their growth and evolution sometimes nudge the relationship to disconnect or become less potent. They usually look at me i

n surprise!

Values are very important in relationships or connections and when values change, sometimes they do not align and that causes a rift. It causes great emotional pain and internal conflict.

Using QTT Quantum Thinking Transformation can be a great tool in helping to relieve the emotional pain from a broken friendship. It allows the client to release the pain and receive some relief. Then it can be taken to the next stage i.e. you can then make a decision on what needs to happen next. But when we are overwhelmed stressed and anxious we cannot do anything but revolve around in the swirl of negative emotions, as they snowball out of control.

Part of my work is uncovering the cloud that prevents the client from seeing their value. Exposing what they are good at and allowing them to be able to decide what they want to do with their lives.

Internal peace and contentment are places that every person longs to find and sustain. That is my experience as a practitioner of many years. I take great pride and humility in assisting clients to find that place.

Are you seeking out a more peaceful life? Better still are you living your best life? If not what are you waiting for? There is lots of help out there for you. Reaching out is the most difficult part, after that the rest comes easily. Don’t be afraid to reach out and get back on track, living the life you deserve.

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