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💗 Do you know your ‘yet’?

The day started out so hot and with a lovely breeze to keep you cool. That's why I like Lanzarote, you are always guaranteed a breeze, so you don’t feel like you are scorching.

I love to swim in the pool or the sea, to keep the body temperature down.

However convincing the other members of the family is another story. Is it cold? What a question of course it is, it is cooler than body temperature for a reason. My son decided he needed his hat and his goggles so off he went to get them. Delay tactics! But seriously, it’s important to keep the water out of his ears as he tends to get ear infections that don’t respond to medication easily, so safer to prevent rather than cure.

Not being able to wait any longer, I got in. There was a lady walking in the pool and I asked her how many laps she had done already? She laughed a big belly laugh. It appeared that she was rehabilitating and was walking fairly slowly. She broke her ankle and had surgery on it a number of weeks previously and was keeping it limbered up, on instruction from her physiotherapist. I love telling people I did x amount of laps, she said. It sounds fantastic, but the thing is I can’t swim, so it's a big fib!!

Now, I can’t resist helping an adult who tells me she can’t swim. I answered her with my usual response, do you know the word ‘yet’, what you should reply is - I can’t swim yet! She laughed at that and said that's a good one alright! So she precedes to tell me she has been to endless lessons, none of which helped her at all.

I began to tell her that I was over forty when I learned to swim properly, that I had a bad experience when I was young and it put me right off for years. Then I was given the task of running the special swim club and it encouraged me to learn. Such a wonderful sense of achievement when you realise you can actually do what you always thought for years, you could not.