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💗 Droopy Drawers

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

I was feeling like a right droopy drawers this day. A term my Mam used to call us when we were kids and were in a bad mood! So, I decided, well if I want to change how I feel, then I have to take an action. That’s what I advise all my clients to do anyway!

Did some chatting to myself and told myself, that nobody can help me except me! I put on my jacket and went outside the front door. The sun was shining so brightly I went back in and got my sunglasses. Imagine needing to wear sunglasses in March? That my dear friends was the start of it! I began to laugh at that idea and then headed towards the park.

On the way the temperature was so mild, it started to lift my spirit. Everything looks so much better when it's bright. The park is really nicely kept. The grass is cut on a regular basis and some lovely flowers grow there. There are red bridges, a sensory garden, and lots of birds on the lake. Well, the flower of the moment is of course the daffodil, all varieties are out in their splendour, yellows, whites, and oranges complimented by the beautiful green of the grass.

As I walked in the park, I could hear that mesmerising rushing sound of water flowing under the bridge. It's so calming for me. I stood there held in time, just listening, and breathing in the beautiful oxygen of the environment.

I walked further on to discover a new addition, a beautiful carving from the remnants of a tree trunk and a little fairy door on the end. It just made my heart sing.