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💗 Forgiveness ~ a poem by me!

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

There I was minding my own business,

When a thought came in of forgiveness

It seems such a shame, to cause ourselves pain,

But the fairness is in the awareness…….

This topic forgiveness is endless

It brings people no end of illness,

In the wink of an eye, you could just say goodbye,

To the hurt, to the anger, and the sadness.

Please tell me how, I’m sick of it now,

Is it really that easy, I just feel so queasy,

The weight of this frown, please send in the clowns,

So, my smile can restore, and be happy once more.

A gift to myself, not the other I’m told,

Let it go, be free, light, and airy,

Make peace with yourself, Sure you need no one else

Live your best life, not away with the fairies!

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