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Heal Your Soul With Me

Updated: Sep 15, 2023


I have loved nature, for as long as I can remember, and long before I understood its very strong healing powers. Any sort of outdoor activity always attracted me, from playing on the street to going to the park and the seaside. All contribute to the right environment where healing takes place i.e. within oneself. Soul soothing is a big practice of mine. When things are going a little ‘sideways’ there is nothing like the buzz from breathing in the fresh air of our local park or the salt air at the sea. I can immediately feel my head clearing and my nervous system resetting and calming down. It is a pity that today we don’t see many children playing on the street or running around in the park anymore. They are all too busy connecting with screens whose emissions switch on their adrenal glands and drive them into stress mode. I wonder what would happen if we had a screen lockdown, the way we have had a social one? Would children start to heal again? Would we have children that are less anxious and adults that are less angry? I often think about that. The world I was brought up in was one that didn't even have a phone in our house or a TV for that matter. I was seven before we got a TV and I had left the house to get married before my parents had a phone. We went to my Nanas to watch TV when it was on. Lots of kids from our road went in to watch the Lone Ranger on Saturdays and I liked Sooty & Sweep! Of course, in my Nanas, you got bread and jam and a glass of milk to keep you going! Delicious jam it was too! All the other kids thought so too! My Nana was a super lady. Short like me, tiny little feet and a very roundy tummy! She adored children and made us all very welcome. I can still hear her laughing when something funny happened. She was bossy too! I wonder who takes after her! She always said, that children should be reared by the seaside in summertime, where the salt air and the sea cleansed everything. She was actually correct. Out in God's fresh air, that’s where you all should be, and so we were. So if you are feeling low let nature soothe your soul. a sore soul, it’s the best cure it totally is.

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