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I met Barbara at a Reflexology network meeting 12 years ago. She shared an Indian Head Massage with me and I Reflexology with her. We got to talking and she said she wanted to train to become a Reflexologist herself.

She joined my Diploma class and graduated as a Reflexologist. She makes her own natural skincare products which I love, especially the Reflexology balm which I highly recommend. Her skills as a moisturiser maker were put to the test when she did a workshop for my Aromatherapy students and blew us all away with her amazing products and beautiful aromas.


Chemical free products are best for use on our skin so that we can avoid damaging side effects of some of the chemicals found in shop bought products; the use of flower waters and natural carrier oils is an ideal way to do this. Both and carrier oil and the flower waters must be completely natural to maximise the benefits. The most vital action of a face cream/oil is its ability to penetrate the skin. It is not beneficial if it sits on top. Nature provides the best absorption bases.

Some of the ingredients to avoid in shop bought products would be parabens (which is a chemical used as a preservative), sodium laurel sulphate (a lathering agent used in a lot of shampoo and bodywash) & aluminium (found in some deodorants).


Plant oils (sometimes referred to as carrier oils) are extracted from vegetables, flowers, nuts or seeds and have therapeutic properties in their own right. Many plant oils contain vitamin E, an antioxidant that can prevent damage to skin cells and delay the progression of skin ageing. It also acts as a natural preservative, giving oils good storage stability. Vitamins A, D and essential fatty acids that are important for healthy skin are also found in many oils.

Examples of some excellent plant oils to use on the skin: Avocado Oil. Apricot Kernal Oil. Coconut Oil. Jojoba Oil. Rosehip Seed Oil, Vitamin E oil.

Barbara is always adding to her range with new creations like her divine room sprays & candles


Rosewater – soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a gentle antiseptic. It can be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive skins, and is particularly recommended for dry skins. It can restore the skin’s PH and can relieve eczema. Oily skins are better treated with orange flower water.

Orange Blossom Water – is slightly more astringent than rosewater so it’s a better choice for oily skin. Due to its astringent properties it can be used for tightening lax skin.

Lavender Water – is excellent as a skin remedy for any skin type and any skin condition. A sprayer bottle with lavender water is especially useful when travelling in hot countries as it can soothe sunburn and insect bites and a sold compress over the eyes alleviates headaches and migranes. It can be used as a toner for all skin types.

My Girl Friday is a big fan!


Often at the start of a new year we decide to make changes in our lives to be a better and healthier person by setting our New Year's Resolutions.

This year instead of resolving to do something different, why not instead think about how you can evolve. The word resolution suggests that something needs to be resolved and as a result many New Year's resolutions are hard to achieve and short lived. However, if we instead decide to set New Year's Evolutions, it instantly feels a more aligned process, working towards change that is on - going and always evolving.

Your skin is constantly evolving and changing through the seasons and through your life, so to ensure the maximum positive results when it comes to healthier and more nourished skin, you need a routine that evolves and changes with you.

Coming out of the darker winter months the air is clearing for spring and summer, and fingers crossed warmer weather. Whatever the season it’s important to nourish and protect out skin,

Here at Josie's Botanicals we are always researching and experimenting to create the most nourishing and healing products that support your skin's journey throughout the year and your life.

From daily routines with our cleansing, toning and mositurising products to our skin healing balms and lotions for when our skin needs that extra care, we ensure our range of products works in harmony with skin no matter what time of year.

With Love


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