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Ode To Erin - By Regina Curley

I have a girl Friday called Erin,

She laughed the first time I was swearin’,

When I can’t get it right and I’m just full of fright,

The expertise she had no problem sharin’.

I love when she says ‘I’m not precious’

What a fabulous way to express it,

She’s as straight as a die, I won’t tell a lie,

And her heart is so big and ambitious.

Well, we started as teacher and student,

She’s young educated and prudent,

It wasn’t too soon, she started to bloom,

Now our lives have become so abundant!

So, if you feel like you cannot do it,

Girl Friday will talk you through it,

Not a bother I’m told, you’ll soon be in control,

Or just contact Erin @ ‘Dusting off my soul’!

You can follow Erin on Instagram @dustingoffmysoul

Her website is

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