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💗 Ok here is my best shot!

I have been asked many times to describe what QTT is all about.  QTT or Quantum Thinking Transformation is such a robust process that it is difficult to verbalise exactly what it is easily. But I usually give it my best shot!

Qtt quantum thinking transformation with Regina Curley qtt practitioner Tallaght Dublin 24

Those of us who have been recipients of this powerful technique know exactly what it does but rarely how it happened! We know that we feel better,  less overwhelmed and anxious, manage our stress levels more efficiently, and go back to a time when we felt ‘more like ourselves!’

QTT is a talk technique, whereby the trained practitioner guides the client through a process that facilitates them to release, old neurological patterns that keep them stuck in the past and reset some new ones. That’s putting it in a nutshell I guess!

It is a really simple easy process that is immediate without the ordeal of reliving the traumatic events that may have been the contributors to those old patterns of behaviour.

What is not considered is, that for a process that is so simple and easy, it is really powerful and capable of transforming a very distressed client into a very content happy person all set to live their best life in one session, then the follow-up session tidies up loose ends and completes the process. And isn't that how it should be?

Quantum means the smallest part, so what we are doing as practitioners is guiding the client back to the earliest time when the neural pathway was laid down, releasing it, and resetting it to one that serves the needs of the client more. The practitioner needs to be very accomplished in ‘drilling down’ or asking good relevant questions that prompt the subconscious into ‘opening up’ and allowing the release. 

Qtt quantum thinking transformation with Regina Curley qtt practitioner Tallaght Dublin 24

Encouraging the client to feel safe and protected in the company of the practitioner is also a big part of the success of the outcome. QTT is one of the tools in my life skills toolbox that I dip into when the need arises. To see clients look better long before they can tell you they feel better is one of the many rewards I get as a practitioner. When clients come for Reflexology if they so wish they book an appointment for the following week. I have to wait until they return to see how they are. With QTT I can immediately how they are by their body language and demeanor.

But it's not what I think or what I see that validates this wonderful technique, it is all the testimonials that have come in from clients following a session. What they have had to say sometimes makes me cry it is so touching and expressive of their happiness in finding peace and happiness within.

Sometimes we need to let go in order to grow. We can never move on unless we let go of our old patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs of ourselves that keep us stuck back in the past. As we all know there is nothing we can do about the past, as it has already happened, but we can do something in the present that will make the future easier for us.

‘The point of power is only in the moment’ Louise Hay's famous one-liner, is so true. Focusing on the now and making the necessary changes can give us the best possible chance of a happier more peaceful life.

If that is what you are seeking, a happier more peaceful life, I cannot recommend this talk technique more highly. Taking the first steps to make the appointment and doing the session is the most difficult, the rest is a doddle! 

Trust me, I am a very accomplished QTT Practitioner!

💗 Find out more about QTT with me here

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