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💗 Plan B

I met Sheelagh about 10 years ago. She rang me for a chat about our favourite subject, special services!

We both have a son with Down Syndrome and a feisty approach to advocacy! She has attended lots of workshops I have facilitated and my meditation classes.

I first discovered Plan B, 29 years ago, when my son Terence was born, Terence is the apple of my eye and was born with Down syndrome.

Now to be fair, none of our children arrive into our lives with an instruction manual, we just learn through experience, patience, support, and love to adapt to our ever-changing situations.

What is Plan B? you're probably asking yourself, well you know those situations in life, the ones that bring you down and sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? Do you know the times in life when you feel like your banging your head against a brick wall? Well, I've always been a firm believer in finding solutions to every problem that comes my way.

Inevitably, we often find ourselves in situations where we can not see the wood for the trees.

During my son's early years, right up to the present day, we have found ourselves trying to find solutions, whether it be an educational issue, day service issue, health issue, or financial issue. This is where Plan B comes into play.

Plan B comes into our lives when we least expect it. So, you are faced with a problem where none of the usual solutions are working, the problem comes between you and your sleep.

At this point, I take myself away from the situation/ problem, I literally walk away. I switch off my phone, I unplug the house phone, I just STOP, I just BREATH. I cease thinking about the problem. I switch off. I just let it all go.

You see, we don't give ourselves enough credit in this life, that we, yes you and me, are intelligent human beings with capabilities beyond our comprehension.

Plan B, comes from within us, that little voice that guides you in the right direction, that gut feeling we tend to ignore. That solution we find, when we STOP and slow the mind. You know that expression, " why didn't I think of that before?" That my friend is where you will find Plan B to all of life's situations/ problems.

Trust in your own gut and listen to the answers that come into your life.

We spend so much time, worrying, overthinking, forcing ourselves to find answers, when all we had to do was trust ourselves and just listen.

Plan B, comes from within, it is never handed to us by others, it's right there, in your gut, in the pit of your stomach, all you have to do is trust yourself.

Plan B has never failed me because my son has taught me the most important lesson in life, he trusts me to always find the solutions and make the right decisions for him when it's needed and I trust myself to always find my Plan B.

SLOW, BREATH, LET GO, LISTEN, TRUST, and right there, you will find Plan B.


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