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💗 Random Acts of Kindness - Shock ~ Disbelief ~ Surprise

As we approached the car park, I noticed the time, dead late not my usual way of being, but we got delayed on the way over so concerned that we might miss the train I quickly bought the parking ticket and we ran for the train.

We had great a weekend in Kilkenny a nice rest, good food and of course a little bit of Christmas shopping done, I was feeling really happy and relaxed in myself. It’s not often we get to go somewhere on our own, with having a person in the family with a learning disability, it’s full-on, so when the breaks come, we make the most of them.

Weekend over we got off the train as darkness was starting to fall. Shock and horror just hit me like a ton of bricks as I discovered the car had been clamped!

What? How could that happen I paid the parking ticket before we got the train.

I rang the clamping company and they told me I never paid the ticket. I took a photo of the car and sent it to them. They sent me another notice back to say that I had not paid the ticket. I got into the car and looked and at the ticket and as sure as eggs they were right, the payment never went through. I never checked it I just threw it into my bag and ran. The shock nearly knocked me out of my standing.

So back to the clamping company again and I paid the fee of €120.00 with my credit card and they told me it would take two hours