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💗 Random Acts of Kindness - Shock ~ Disbelief ~ Surprise

As we approached the car park, I noticed the time, dead late not my usual way of being, but we got delayed on the way over so concerned that we might miss the train I quickly bought the parking ticket and we ran for the train.

We had great a weekend in Kilkenny a nice rest, good food and of course a little bit of Christmas shopping done, I was feeling really happy and relaxed in myself. It’s not often we get to go somewhere on our own, with having a person in the family with a learning disability, it’s full-on, so when the breaks come, we make the most of them.

Weekend over we got off the train as darkness was starting to fall. Shock and horror just hit me like a ton of bricks as I discovered the car had been clamped!

What? How could that happen I paid the parking ticket before we got the train.

I rang the clamping company and they told me I never paid the ticket. I took a photo of the car and sent it to them. They sent me another notice back to say that I had not paid the ticket. I got into the car and looked and at the ticket and as sure as eggs they were right, the payment never went through. I never checked it I just threw it into my bag and ran. The shock nearly knocked me out of my standing.

So back to the clamping company again and I paid the fee of €120.00 with my credit card and they told me it would take two hours. It was freezing cold and raining by now. The problem was we needed to be home for our guy but the clamping company just said they would get there when they would get there, no consideration for the fact that it was an unfortunate happening.

I stood outside the car and cried uncontrollably when a man came over and asked if I was alright. I told him the story and explained we needed to be home so we could be there when our guy came in, he was very sympathetic.

Please wait there he said. I got into the car out of the cold and rain, when next he arrived and threw an envelope in through the window of the car and said Happy Christmas I hope this helps and left rather swiftly.

When I opened the envelope there was €120.00 in cash in it. I couldn’t believe it. Imagine that a total stranger would give us that amount of money without knowing us, believing the story, and then leaving without telling us who he was or anything.

It really restored my faith in human nature. There are so many good people in the world, and I was fortunate enough to have that experience that day.

I never found out who he was, but I put his name under my healing candle for a long time after that as a thank you for his kindness.

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