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💗 Regina ~ my guru, my mentor, my friend

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

How do you know when someone has moved from an acquaintance to becoming part of your life forever? When you can have a video call with them while you shave your legs & neither of you bat an eyelid! (I better tell you the shaver of said legs was me & not Regina!)

When I first met Regina 4 years ago I had no clue that she would become one of the most important & valuable friends in my life. While she is old enough to be my mother she is certainly fun & youthful enough to be in my girl gang! When I signed up for that mindfulness class in my son’s primary school my fate was sealed. We clicked...we shared common values & mindsets. When I needed to rediscover myself & dust off my soul she was there. My guru, my mentor, my friend.

What have I have learned about Regina over the past 4 years...well she is vibrant...from her platinum blonde hair to her stylish shoes.

She is giving...if you need a skill and she’s got it then it’s yours.

She is thoughtful...when you think no one would be bothered, she is already planning the solution.

She resonates on so many levels with so many people.

She is memorable...she can hold an audience as well as she can hold her pen. When she speaks people want to listen when she writes they want to read it.

She is a powerhouse...although is is little she is mighty!

She is ‘on brand’...from her car to her clothes & she lives and breathes what she teaches.

So proud of my friend & I look forward to reading her own blog posts soon, Erin 💗

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