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Round off the edges of your circle!

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

how many are in your circle of friends

Realistically would you be able to tell me right now how many people are in your circle? Those you regard as true friends, support persons, or just people you love.

I bet you can’t! Neither could I when I did this exercise first. It took me a while to sift through the people that I really thought should be regarded as someone in my circle.

It helped me to examine what my values were regarding relationships. Lots of acquaintances popped up because of the nature of the work I do, but I couldn’t regard them as those in my circle.

What is it they say? You are the sum of the nearest five people you are in contact with. Wow, I seriously needed to do an evaluation then if that was the truth and do a bit of reorganising!

Then I began to really look at who I have in my circle that I really love and trust. Those really close to me I mean, that I could reach out and touch them at any time, either for help or advice, or just connection. Well, that narrowed it down to a lot fewer than I thought, that was a shock and a surprise.

Being aware that people come into our lives, firstly to teach us, and then to assist us on our journey in life, helped when I began to look at who was doing that and who was not. Sometimes those entries are very exciting and the exits are very painful when the work is done.

But have you ever looked at the fact that this happens because you are moving on with your journey? That you are talking the talk and walking the walk. So many in my circle were just talking the talk but not doing the work but liked others to think that they were. I found that rather sad, as it totally did not align with my value of honesty. However, it is a fact, one that I can do nothing about, just accept that is the case and move them out of the circle.

Those who know me know that I am always there as a support person ‘no matter what’, both to students studying courses or clients and friends. But the ‘no matter what’ comes to an end, when I realise that they are not doing the work but occupying my time and getting lots of attention talking about their ‘stuff’.

When you are an empath, and really are passionate about helping people to feel better and live their best life, this situation tends to pop up! So, when you do the work yourself, you see it really clearly for what it is. Now I don’t tend to fall into it quite so much as I used to. I always thought everyone worked as I did, applied themselves in courses as I did, and appreciated support from other people as I did, but sadly not so. That doesn't make it right or wrong, just people have different values, and that’s just it.

Rounding off the edges of my circle was a tough one, but a really worthwhile one. It fortified my courage and reminded me of my dedication to my own work, what I am able to take responsibility for, and what I have decided I am not owning anymore, namely other people's ‘stuff’.

So, are you up for rounding off the edges of your circle? What benefits will you get when you see a smooth rounded circle of friends and support persons? I can tell you from experience, that the benefits are infinite.

If you think that rounding off the edges of the circle is what you need to do, I would be more than happy to assist you with that piece of work. Just email me at or book a discovery call through the website and we can have a chat and set up an appointment for you.

Don’t tolerate a jagged-edged circle any longer, get in touch this may be the best call you ever make!

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