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Updated: Jul 5, 2022

I met Grainne Walsh in Limerick at an event I went to five years ago. She's in a couple of groups I am in and we usually say good morning to each other. She’s my number one supporter. Has been to all my workshops. Posts up some great stuff into the group. She’s a little treasure!

I started set dancing in 1998, as my Dad used to do it. I went to a few events with him and then he gave it up.

I kept it up. I went to classes in Na Pharsigh GAA Club in Limerick and started to make a few friends. Then I started travelling to set dancing weekends and Ceili’s. It makes me feel so happy. I get a real buzz from it.

I have made friends all over the country and across the water it’s a brilliant hobby. I have traveled to Spain and Portugal Manchester and Birmingham on holidays and for set dancing we would so have much fun.

At all these events I can be found with a microphone in my hand singing a song or 2 it was one of the best things I’ve learned. The friends I have made in the set dancing world are true friends.

Grainne x

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