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💗 The Authenticity of Touch

“It is as instinctive to rub as it is to eat and drink” that quote came from the father of modern medicine Hippocrates. He wanted all of his physicians to be trained in the art of rubbing! Something happened in the translation there, as that is most certainly not what is happening today!

What do you think about touch? Have you any idea how powerfully healing it is?

I was sitting in the garden thinking about that and all the simple situations where healing takes place, just kept popping into my mind. For example, when a new baby grasps your thumb what does it feel like? You go all gooey and mushy? Me – definitely!

When you’re five-year-old brushes your hair into the latest style what does that feel like? Me – do more!

When your grandchildren rush into your arms – Nana wait until I tell you what happened. Me – filled with joy.

When your lifetime partner holds you in his arms and just says nothing? Me – heart-stopping.

When we all hold hands to close my workshops what does it feel like? Me – complete.

What does it feel like when you are touched? Have you ever thought about it? A gesture, an embrace, was Hippocrates right all those thousands of years ago?

Most definitely in my opinion. We were talking about this at one of my workshops with Reflexologists on the subject of pain and treatments, and what I think about the statement ‘no pain no gain’.

When our children fall, we don’t pick them up and cause them more pain, we usually rub the area hug the child and reassure them everything will be alright.

A number of years ago I had the privilege of working in a day centre for seniors and the power of touch was so healing for them. Some had no speech following an illness and some were bedbound and could not move. But the power of touch was so evident in their body language.

Those who waited for me at the lift every Tuesday, to see who was first on the list, well that was a different story! The eighty-five-year-old matron (patient resident) who still inspected the windowsills for dust, loved her feet being worked on and ordered Reflexology every Tuesday when I asked what it was that she preferred.

Because of the situation we have been in for the past few years, we have been discouraged from touching. Now It is time to recover the lost healing.

I hope I have encouraged you to think more about the healing power of a touch, the authenticity of your favourite person holding your hand, hugging you, or just touching your fingertips.

We need more Hippocratic thinking, that’s what I say.

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