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💗 The Comfort Zone

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

It’s the most comfortable place in the Universe. Or is it?

It feels like a nice squishy sofa with cushions all around.

But, it only stays in one place, it doesn’t move, grow, evolve or change in any way. It doesn’t have a whole lot going for it really and it’s not very productive.

How do I know this? because I have spent a lot of my time hiding in it!

I can’t believe that only a year ago I wouldn’t even have considered sitting down to write anything, other than support notes for my students for their courses, let alone have a go at a blog!

Sometimes our understanding of something may not be correct. Our subconscious mind can give us information and distort and store it so that it becomes such an ordeal, that we shy away completely. But we believe it until we know different.

Always thinking that a blog is like an assignment, I decided I had written plenty of those in my lifetime and didn’t want to do anymore!

Last year when my website was under construction, I had great ideas about what I would like to have on it. Then came the face the music piece! A blog, oh no I couldn’t do that!

I learned that a blog is just a little story, a poem, a recollection of a memory or an informative piece of work. Anything you want it to be.

Now every time I invite a member of the Nurture Niche to write a guest blog, I get exactly the same reaction. The body goes stiff, the sharp intake of breath and the eyes widen, that look like someone stuck a pin in their bum!

I can now smile at it because I know what that feels like and I already know it is the beginning of something new for them, challenging but usually creative that can open doorways. The sense of achievement when it's finished and presented really nicely is worth the discomfort. Then other people read it and get either some fun from it, new knowledge, insight about the person, or entertainment of some sort.

So, examine your comfort zone, how does it feel? Right now, I have forgotten what mine is like! I have been shoved out of it kicking and screaming to the edge of the abyss, hanging on by my now painted red nails! (That’s something I haven’t had the pleasure of doing often as the teacher of the therapy, I couldn’t possibly wear red nails as I couldn’t give a bad example to my students!)

If you are willing to go with the ‘shove’ and experience what it is like outside the comfortzone, try a guest blog, it certainly is interesting, exciting, and fun too and goodness knows we need so much more of that.

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