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💗 The S Word!

Did you know that according to medical research as much as 90% of all illness has its origin in stress? That’s really scary isn’t it?

Stress and overwhelm can be such debilitating conditions. Trust me! I have been there! BUT (and it’s a BIG BUT) there is good news! There is a way to manage it and I am more than willing to show you how.

Over a long lifetime and through many life experiences I have learned to manage my anxiety and overwhelm by using many different tools. I do know what you are experiencing however I now, also know how to work with it.

How do I work with it? Well firstly, I like to start with simple things, tools that I definitely know work and are easy to use. For success this is key otherwise we would just get bored and not continue to use them. The mistake that people make is they take on a task that is too big and then give up out of frustration or boredom before it has a chance to even work.

Anyone who has worked with me knows that my philosophy on learning new stuff and making changes is to keep things ‘easy and simple’. Throughout my journey as a therapist and as a wife, mother, grandmother, friend and colleague, I have learned to overcome so many negative obstacles using simple easy tools and techniques. We both know life is already complicated enough!

Next start small! By starting small you can easily achieve, (there’s that word again ‘easy’). This way you will be encouraged to do more. If you take on a task that is too difficult you will not complete it and you will be absolutely frustrated and more stressed by the time you are even finished!

So, if you would like to chat to me further about anything that is troubling you, any overwhelm, stress and anxiety, then just start small and take an easy and simple first step by reaching out to me. I’m here and will guide you on your journey to self-healing. You will discover by using the idea of easy and simple changes you too can live your best life!

Why not make things easier for yourself I’m just a simple and quick message away!

Your best life is waiting for you to start living it!

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