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The Therapists Toolbox

In my line of work, it’s a folly, To not have a toolbox on my trolly, For clients with stress, and a lot on their chest, Sure, in no time they recover their jolly! It’s full to the brim with intrigue, For clients with Adrenal Fatigue, With tips and techniques, I’m a therapy geek, The best holistic coach in my league. It’s wise to hold a good stock, Cos I’m ready when there comes a knock, I keep up to date, with the well-being debate, And my business is built on a rock. When clients come in full of strife, And their outlook of fear is so rife, We do a release, and bring back their peace, I inspire them to live their best life. More information on the services I offer - including holisitic life coaching, Reiki Healing, QTT /quantum thinking transformation, reflexology, aromatherapy and more click here Holistic Life Coach | Reflexologist | QTT Practitioner | Anxiety Specialist | Reflexology Training | Regina Curley | Tallaght Dublin 24 Ireland (

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