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๐Ÿ’— The Two Roses

Updated: May 28, 2022

In another life, when my children were small, I made an apple tart one Saturday for after tea, as my husband loves them, and was complimenting me on how it tasted. He was curious as to what age I was when I learned to bake and who taught me. My mother of course I replied, she made the most amazing pastry, really light and thin and the apple filling was so sweet and delicious especially with custard poured over it. It was our Sunday treat.

We ended up having a long chat about what our mothers taught us to do. All sorts of things, from sewing, cooking, and cleaning to good behaviour. My husband said, for him basic things like dress himself, brush his teeth and manage his pocket money!

Decorum was a word my mother used a lot. If you didnโ€™t know how to behave with good manners and common courtesy according to my mother, you had no decorum. Itโ€™s a great word, itโ€™s not often spoken nowadays but I love it!

But what we both agreed on was, that our mothers taught us to be kind.

Following that chat, we decided to buy two climbing roses to honour what they taught us.

Last autumn, I was listening to a gardener talking about pruning roses, so I took her advice and I cut them right down. They are both creepers so there was about a foot on show when I was finished. Then I had a bit of a panic attack! Had I destroyed them cutting them back so ruthlessly? Would they survive the winter? But that was what the gardener advised, be ruthless!

However, here we are in June and the two roses are blooming, better than ever, and the flower heads are much bigger than they normally would be. Iโ€™m delighted as they give so much pleasure, the sight of them and the fragrance. When I look out the kitchen window, I can see them, reminders of our mothers, the two roses Marie and Joanna, legends both of them!


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