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💗 The Olden Days

I was on an outing a couple of weeks ago with our community when I overheard a conversation about people who called to the door when you were young. So we took a trip back to the late fifties and early sixties to recount each persons experience when they were young, and what they could remember.

Of course, me being me I had to join in and give my five pence worth! All the women at the top end of the bus were reminiscing about when they were children and how different times are now.

The first person that was mentioned was of course the milkman. Every morning at 6.00 a.m. summer and winter hail rain and shine. We talked about the glass bottles and the foil lids and the way the birds would peck at the cream! The selection of milk too, jersey which was more expensive and given to children who were ‘delicate’, buttermilk, and full cream. No such thing as skimmed milk in those days!

Then of course the bread man was next, in his battery-operated little van. Some women remembered their mothers inviting him in for a cup of tea and a chat. Then at Christmas time, he would arrive with a cake for the courtesy of the cuppa, which was like a magical event. A cake at Christmas was quite expensive so a gift like that was so appreciated.

The paper man did the same, every evening the Herald or the Press was delivered to your door and the payment collected on Friday night.

The coal man too would have been very popular as there was no central heating in houses then, it was the coal fire in most households. It usually arrived on the back of a horse and cart, with the coal man putting the full sacks up on his back and emptying them in the coal house, which in most households was underneath the stairs.