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Zen Tales

A little bit of Zen...on emptiness

One day a solitary monk was in a state of sublime emptiness sitting under a tree.

Flowers began to gently fall about him. From the Silence Itself, he heard a whisper as gentle as the breeze, say this to him “We are praising you for your discourse on emptiness”. “But I have not spoken about emptiness,” said the monk. The winds whispered back: “You have not spoken of emptiness, we have not heard emptiness... this is true emptiness.” Then blossoms showered down on him as full as raindrops. His meditation bench was as empty as the Zen monk's mind.

Isn’t this just so beautiful? It emphasizes how much we complicate everything and make it something it is not. This story reminds me of the people who dramatise the happenings in their life and make everything bigger than it needs to be. That is a negative habit but a habit is a behaviour that we have learned so therefore we can unlearn it.

How can you unlearn these habits that do not serve, one tool I use is meditation. I have a fabulous online course called Zenology. It is a self-learn lifetime access course, comprising of three modules and you can come and go from it as often as you like. Learn at your own pace, no pressure, no stress!

When was the last time you were empty, silent, or quiet? Food for thought? Or maybe it provokes thoughts about creating a drama? Are you a player in your own life drama? Are you the victim or are you the hero? Either way, the choice is yours.

My superpower is the power to choose, one thought over another, be silent, be empty and be less stressed!

If you are looking to add more zen to your own life or that of someone you love this Christmas I have extended the special offer on my Zen-ology, online self paced meditation course to Christmas Eve. You can purchase it now for yourself or a loved one at the reduced price of just €99 instead of the usual price of €149. This meditation course comes with Unlimited Life Time Access! How amazing is that?

Find out more here & if you order now you will automatically only be charged €99 at checkout saving €50

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