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The A-Z Nurture Kit Workbook 

It's All In The Breath
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Grief Encounters Of The Awakening Kind
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The Nurture Kit A-Z Workbook for selfgrowth & self development. Self help tool for support with anxiety, stress management & overwhelm. Written by Regina Curley Life Coach, QTT Practitioner, Reflexologist specialising in anxiety management & self empowerment, based in Tallaght, Dublin, ireland.

The A-Z Nurture Kit 

Workbook by Regina Curley
€25 + P&P 

Are you feeling really overwhelmed, all over the place?

Sick and tired feeling sick and tired?

You want to do some work on yourself but you don’t know where to start?

This workbook will bring you into the now.

It's simple & easy like all my tools - just pick the topic that resonates most and off you go!

I am delighted to be presenting the A-Z Nurture Kit workbook to you. For years I have wanted to write something to support the personal growth work of clients & students & now here it is.

Its laid out in alphabetical order if you want to follow it as such...or you can pick any letter and just start to work on the content there if you wish continuing in any order you like, it is your work, so your choice!


This workbook has 26 different topics for you to work on in any timeline you wish. Maybe one topic per week for six months or take two weeks and get a year's work from it!

Please let me know how you are getting on with it.


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