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What Resources are available to you?

I have a number of easily accessible resources available through my social media channels that I encourage all to use in times of need. 

Moments of mindfulness, short meditations, beautiful imagery, thinking points and little gems of wisdom for you to take some self care time out whenever and wherever it suits you!



The Flock

YouTube Channel
Social Media Pages

Click on any of the links below to explore 

My YouTube channel is the place to go to find some wonderful guided meditations as well as information videos to access as and when you choose.

My Facebook page is available to everyone & I also have a dedicated group called The Nurture Niche

Follow me on Twitter for bite size updates as they happen.

Join me on Instagram for a visual delight for your senses. It is here that I can truly show you the essence of Regina Curley Life Coaching with imagery, reels & stories daily.

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Cute Notebooks

Download Your Gratitude Journal Pages Here

Gratitude Journal
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Coastal Views
The Rest With Me Series

The Rest With Me Series

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Interrupt your busy day and join me for 60 seconds of peace & quiet with ‘The Rest With Me Series’. Tuesday is “Rest with me” day! A weekly reminder to keep us on track!

Just one minute with beautiful imagery from around Ireland along to quotes by my favourite teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. Click images below to enjoy a sample! 


For more why not join my Facebook group The Nurture Niche here.

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The Nurture-Zone

The Nurture-Zone

There are many ways to express yourself! You can shout out loud, you can sing, dance, or you can quietly write down your thoughts, save them for better days or burn them as a letting-go ritual. I find writing really therapeutic. 


It helps me let go of stored up negative energy and enhances the other practices that I have, of releasing what does not serve me.


But most importantly it allows the inner creative part out. Even if it's to show gratitude, joy happiness, or fun, it all mounts up to being calm peaceful, and at ease.


Try it, it's a wonderful exercise in courage. A positive challenge that builds on your self-esteem and confidence. That’s has to be good!


If you have any poems you would like to share then please reach out!



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