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  • Holistic Life Coach | Reflexologist | QTT Practitioner | Anxiety Specialist | Reflexology Training | Regina Curley | Tallaght Dublin 24 Ireland

    Regina Curley Holistic Life Coaching Post Grad Reflexology Training - Reflexology - Life Coaching - QTT - Reiki - Aromatherapy - NLP - Anxiety & Stress Management Courses - Self Care Workshops - Based Online & in Tallaght, Dublin 24 Specialising in Anxiety Management Are You... At the end of your tether? Sick and tired feeling sick and tired? Lost with no direction? Wanting to change but don’t know how? ​ Or maybe you are feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed? ​ Are you tolerating migraines, headaches, IBS and other physical manifestations of dis-ease? If this is you, I am delighted you are looking at my website. With my work tools, simple and easy, but profoundly effective, I can empower you to change your thoughts so you change your life. What I Offer What I Offer Reflexology Advanced Reflexology Training Reiki Holistic Life Coaching QTT - Quantum Thinking Transformation Aromatherapy Testimonials VIEW SERVICES VIEW TESTIMONIALS About Me Click here to learn more about my values Book a no obligation Discovery Call About Me My name is Regina Curley & I am the owner of Regina Curley Life Coaching. I am a Holistic Life Coach, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, QTT Practitioner, Reiki Master, Webinar Presenter, Tutor, Course Designer & now a published author! I trained in Holistic Practices in the 1990's and since then I have evolved into Holistic Life Coaching. I am currently a Holistic Practitioner/Tutor and life coach. I am based online & in person in Tallaght, Dublin 24. ​ My goal in everything I do is to help you to live your best life. ​ I specialise in anxiety and stress management, where I inspire people to change their thinking to reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm, recover lost self esteem & confidence to enable them to live the healthy, peaceful life they deserve. Contact me Upcoming Events Upcoming Events Empower & Grow with my self published collection View My Workbooks Here Food for Thought 6 days ago Food for Thought Apr 20 Scents Make Sense Apr 19 GET COSY WITH A COFFEE AND HAVE A READ OF MY BLOG From raising your vibration to anxiety management to Dublin nostalgia to random acts of kindness you will find it all & more in my blog! JOIN MY NURTURE NICHE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR CONNECTION, RESOURCES & COMMUNITY JOIN THE NURTURE NICHE HERE Back to Top Meditation Challenge

  • Testimonials | Regina Curley Life Coaching | Reflexologist | QTT | Reflexology Training | Tallaght Dublin 24 Ireland

    Top of Page Reflexology Life Coaching QTT Workshops Walking Meditations Aromatherapy Hands on Beginners The Head to Toe Workshop Hand on MastersAdvaned Relexology Techniques Hands on Masters Bereavement and loss Hnds On Masters Let's Open The Practitioner's Casebook part 1 Indian Head Massage Hand on Beginners Soul Soothers Testimonials Your Words Matter! If you would like to share a testimonial about your experience with any of my services - Holistic Life Coaching, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, QTT (Quantum Thinking Transformation), webinar presenting, workshops or courses please do reach out. Add A Testimonial Reflexology Life Coaching QTT Workshops Walking Meditations Aromatherapy I just loved everything about today. The information about energy, and the gorgeous nurture pouch. The whole day was just fab. Please do an aromatherapy workshop soon and an Indian Head massage one. The practice and the information were so interesting I enjoyed every minute. Please do an aromatherapy workshop. I loved the fun and the chats with like-minded females. Just an amazing day. I loved the reflexology practice it was absolutely knock-out. I never realised that a foot treatment was so powerful and I know we only did an introduction! Such a relaxing and fun day. Brilliant. This trainer was lovely and gave a wonderful welcoming vibe. Her energy is next level. The experience of the Indian Style head massage was really soothing and relaxing. The reflexology then added to it was a perfect end to the day. I really enjoyed this whole workshop. I particularly enjoyed the massage of the head and the reflexology was something else. She said it was only an introduction, but wow is all I can say to that. I just loved the Indian Style Head treatment, never having had one before I was very surprised at what it entailed. The reflexology chairs, I never experienced anything like the comfort and peace just sitting in the chair, then when the treatment was added I was in heaven. Please do an aromatherapy workshop and one for treating pain. Regina is a lovely person the whole environment was easy, relaxing friendly, and welcoming. I would love to do more reflexology workshops and eventually study it. The other participants on the course were really lovely ladies. It was such a great day for me I haven’t had a time-out like that for years. The practical work was superb. I enjoyed every minute of it. I learned so much at this workshop, information that I will take home to my family and change a few things. If you are thinking of an aromatherapy workshop please include me and Indian Head Massage as well. I just realised at this workshop what I have missed over the past three years. I will be at the next workshop with this trainer runs for sure. The fun and knowledge shared were absolutely amazing. Hands on Beginners The Head to Toe Workshop Excellent workshop and many thanks for sharing your kindness and knowledge I loved everything about today's workshop, wouldn't change a thing! Could listen to you all day. I had great fun and wonderful conversations with the trainer and the interaction with the other therapists was especially helpful. This workshop was so much more than I thought it would be. I loved how it started, with setting our intention. So relaxed and so informative. I cant wait for the next one. An excellent presentation of years of experience and practice. I really enjoyed the theme ‘re-connection’ chosen by all the participants. It ticked all the boxes for me. I loved the easy flow of this workshop today, I have not been in a room to learn since lockdown. The sharing and friendliness was just superb. Just keep doing what you are doing. Thank you so much. Today's workshop allowed me the opportunity to enjoy new techniques and movement and loads of information related to energy work. My goodness, what have I been doing up to now, it has changed my outlook completely. Reginas experience wow! It was evident that she has been living what she teaches, nothing from a book here! I wish I could have been able to stay longer and longer, I wanted it to go on for the next week! The level of information and the ease that it was delivered was knock out! I would love to see a refresher workshop on points and secondary points. I just loved everything about it. How it was all thought out, even the food was just delicious. I would like you to do a workshop on mental illness and depression. This is included in the next one Lets Open The Practitioners Casebook I really enjoyed the conversations, some new techniques, meeting new therapists realising that I am not alone and that there are others with the same concerns and want to learn new things to make their treatments better too. I will be on the lookout for the next workshop. I absolutely loved every minute of it Loved the demonstrations and practical sessions plus all the additional information when are you doing the next one? Everything was amazing what a workshop I have never been at anything like it I really enjoyed the practical work and learning new things to enhance my treatments I can really see myself using all of them A warm welcoming atmosphere ​ All the new techniques are fab I would love you to do a workshop on the spiritual aspect of healing There was lots of information and I loved the one-to-one attention from Regina A fantastic day and really informative Please do a workshop on maternity reflexology I really love your course style you have a beautiful kind personality. Thank you. I love the Vagus nerve work it really resonated with me ​ Hand on MastersAdvaned Relexology Techniques I really enjoyed and learned from this workshop. Very insightful and meaningful to me. Thank you There was nothing about this day I did not enjoy, please do more. Thank you. I loved the practical aspect of this workshop. Completely different from how I practice and looking forward to using it. The emphasis on the practical work almost straight away was so refreshing. It was really great. Such a breath of fresh air from the usual run-of-the-mill. Theory-laden workshops are so boring, this one was exactly what it was entitled a ‘Hands-On’ Masters workshop. This workshop was so much more than I expected. Great value for money, so true to life, really reminded me to ground myself before and while working and cleanse the room more often on an energetic level. I enjoyed every bit of this workshop today. The tutor reminded us of the connection between those who come to us for work and our own work. I felt during one of the techniques that huge healing happened for me on an ancestral level. Absolutely amazing. I work part-time as a reflexologist but Regina’s workshop made me understand that I can work more outside the box and use my developed intuition during treatments a lot more. What a breath of fresh air that is. Wonderful day, very informative, relaxed, and re-affirming of ‘our’ individual power as therapists working to facilitate people at where they are at and always serving and gaining knowledge while we do that. I would highly recommend this workshop, great value for money, lovely lunch superb company. ​ I really enjoyed the pace of the workshop, a great open space for discussion and sharing. This day surprised me, especially how welcome I was made to feel, and encouraged me not to be nervous about my level of knowledge and experience. I felt so comfortable. From the start, Regina was so welcoming and I just felt so relaxed in the class. One of the most enjoyable intuitive classes I have ever been to. Thank you so much for sharing your time and your expertise. The whole day was very informative. I felt really relaxed and was given all the information I needed. Excellent workshop I would highly recommend it. If you are doing one on menopause I will be there. The fact that this was informal and I could ask questions and comment at any time as we went along, was definitely a first. The nurture pouches were just a lovely addition and a reminder of the day. Regina was so generous with her information. There was a lovely relaxed energy in the room and I enjoyed hearing the feedback from the other attendees. Please do a workshop on treating women during pregnancy. I enjoyed everything about this workshop, especially the extra touches that were added at the end. I have never seen anything like it. So full of joy. I really enjoyed the whole day it was very relaxing and enjoyable. I met some lovely people there. Thank you so much I look forward to the next one. Everything about todays workshop was just fantastic. The stories, make it relatable and great fun too. The notes are excellent, and the practical work. Knowing I can email her at any time and ask questions is support I have never received before. The lunch was delicious and the hotel really nice too. Thank you for a lovely day. I really enjoyed learning new techniques that I can add to what I know and do already. It's great to be able to grow with your ‘toolbox’ so you can tailor a treatment to the needs of your clients. Thank you so much. Hands on Masters Bereavement and loss Let's Open The Practitioner's Casebook Part 1 + 2 The teacher was so open-minded. She allowed every therapist there to contribute to the work. I thought that was so innovative, that was the theme for the day innovation. I enjoyed every bit of today. A wonderful supportive nurturing day. Very interesting and really well presented, a group that was very well ‘gelled’ together. I was so happy that the time was spent mainly on practical work. Having been to many workshops that have just been totally theory-laden, this was so refreshing. Hands-on is definitely the best way to learn. I enjoyed all of today. The swaps especially. What really struck me was the embracing of the learning you already have, and just adding the new stuff. Fabulous. The whole day was just magical. My feet feel like they had a holiday! From start to finish this workshop was comfortable and informative. I will be taking many more workshops with this teacher, she is just out on her own. Encouragement and empowerment and a relaxed atmosphere that's what I took out of todays workshop. I was so nervous coming, feeling inadequate, that everyone would probably know more than I did. Well, this teacher put me at ease immediately as soon as I sat down. I’ll be doing more of this. A very enjoyable day I loved it all. I really enjoyed giving and receiving what we were learning. The lunch was a real treat. Thanks so much. The openness and relaxation of the day really impressed me. There's no classroom like the hands-on classroom. I loved every minute of it. I enjoyed every minute of the day. Regina is a really amazing teacher. I have learned so much from her. I’m looking forward to the next Lets Open The Practitioners Casebook Part 2 where she is covering sinus issues. I had such a good day yesterday. Meeting therapists and having a chat was a great help to me. I feel isolated sometimes working on my own and today just fired me up to keep going. The whole day was action-packed with information, done in a way that I can remember easily. The hands-on practice is just fab. ​ I hope she does some Indian Head Massage Reiki and anything else about energy, shes so knowledgable it's just great to have her. Today was a lovely informative, nurturing, happy, day. I learned a lot and I’ll sleep tonight that’s for sure. Attended Regina's workshop Sunday 24th Sept - Advanced Reflexology Techniques P2. It was a great day with like-minded people, which is always a plus. The workshop was fun, and informative, before I knew it, it was time to go home. An amazing day, thank you, Regina. Thanks for yesterday it was a lovely day with gorgeous people. It was so beneficial. I’m so grateful to you for putting the workshop together and sharing all your years of brilliant experience. I’m so delighted I came to this workshop. I have been out of the loop for a while and felt very vulnerable. The information was shared in a most relaxed way. I feel much more confident now. Delighted to be in the company of other therapists. ​ Today was just great. I am really happy I went. I feel like getting stuck in straight away. The notes were just fab. ​ Hnds On Masters Let's Open The Practitioner's Casebook part 1 Indian Head Massage Certificate I especially enjoyed the practice and the entire treatment, just beautiful. I really enjoyed the practical element. The pace of the day was perfect. Please do a workshop on hand massage and reflexology. All the practical work was really lovely. The extra pieces of knowledge on energy were fantastic a lovely course. Exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to doing the case studies. I enjoyed the whole experience. The training was very personal. Easy to follow instructions and techniques. Fabulous. Emphasis on the practical was great. I really enjoyed the day so much. I enjoyed every part of today. Please do one before Christmas. Enjoyed every bit of the course. The day was very enjoyable from start to finish. Thank you so much. I am so interested in any courses for the non-reflexologist. This was a very informative day. I felt so comfortable from the moment I went into the room. I learned so much I can’t wait to get practising. This was a brilliant day. I have never been to a workshop before, where I got lunch, a work kit, a nurture pouch, and the best manual I have ever seen. The day began with a lovely ritual to open the course. I would highly recommend training with this tutor she is just out on her own. Soul Soothers for Educators Absolutely loved today's workshop. Lovedthe hand massage foot massage and all the tips about the vagus nerve and breath work. A most enjoyable workshop from start to finish. I love hearing about all your non-therapist courses, they are simply amazing. I found all the techniques just as she said, nice and simple. I cannot wait to try them all out I just loved the workshop. I really enjoyed the practical work and the fact that there was not so much theory. Very interactive, relaxed learning environment. The hand massage was great. Regina is an excellent facilitator and delivered the workshop really well, the flow, and the energy was amazing and everyone was kept engaged. The relaxed setting and informal information sharing was fabulous, I could totally engage in it. I would love you to do overcoming childhood trauma and therapeutic approaches. I enjoyed the workshop so much. It was really great to connect with other people in a similar position to me and I felt a lovely sense of community. It was a very positive first step into my holistic journey. I particularly enjoyed the wide range of very practical and accessible techniques that Regina explained and demonstrated so well in a very relaxed and fun-filled way. The footwork on the vagus nerve and adrenals was fantastic. I can’t wait to do Indian Head Massage when you run it again. Thank you for a wonderful day. I loved the room setup, the space was very well planned and I enjoyed meeting other like-minded people. Overall very inspiring day. ​ I found the whole day so interesting and enjoyable. I loved the practical and the interactive nature of it too. Regina is a warm and inclusive tutor. I will definitely be using the practical tools I have learned today, thank you. I loved meeting Regina and the group coming along with my friend today. Regina is really down to earth, she makes things simple, and I really feel she will give me the confidence to move forward with my holistic career. I will be booking the reboot to get me up and running as I have lost my confidence. I will be doing the Indian Head Massage when you run it again and the upcoming reflexology workshops. A most amazing day just loved it. I enjoyed the whole day. Very professionally run and friendly I will be looking out for more workshops. The tools introduced today were very helpful. The support notes are absolutely superb. I will be looking out for more stress management and self-care workshops. Meeting like-minded people learning about the vagus nerve and how to calm a person with additional needs. I would love more on essential oils and hand massage. I just loved the hands-on work It was absolutely amazing, so simple so easy. Can’t wait to try it at home. The treatments today were very relaxing, it was a very informative day and excellent content and ideas. Thank you. ​ Indian Head Massage Hand on Beginners Soul Soothers

  • Publications | Regina Curley | Self help Self Growth Self Development Self Empowerment

    Publications The A-Z Nurture Kit Workbook OUT NOW! Grief Encounters Of The Awakening Kind OUT NOW! Join The Dots Backwards To Move Forwards Activity Book OUT NOW! The Nurture Gems OUT NOW! It's All In The Breath Coming Soon! THE NURTURE NEST - BOOK LAUNCH & WORKSHOP The A-Z Nurture Kit Workbook Workbook by Regina Curley €25 + P&P €5.40 Are you feeling really overwhelmed, all over the place? Sick and tired feeling sick and tired? You want to do some work on yourself but you don’t know where to start? This workbook will bring you into the now. It's simple & easy like all my tools - just pick the topic that resonates most and off you go! Order your copy here ​ I am delighted to be presenting the A-Z Nurture Kit workbook to you. For years I have wanted to write something to support the personal growth work of clients & students & now here it is. Its laid out in alphabetical order if you want to follow it as such...or you can pick any letter and just start to work on the content there if you wish continuing in any order you like, it is your work, so your choice! This workbook has 26 different topics for you to work on in any timeline you wish. Maybe one topic per week for six months or take two weeks and get a year's work from it! Please let me know how you are getting on with it. 1/10 Order your copy here Your Words Matter! "I got this workbook as a present for Christmas and its genuinely the gift that keeps on giving. I've gotten weeks upon weeks use out of it and I'm still going, it's so easy to get back into the swing of it if like takes over, as it often can do" "So easy to follow, the worksheets supporting each section really helped me be accountable to myself and keep on track...something I usually struggle with" "This book is my go to resource when I want to do some self development work. Easy to use and makes the whole process so enjoyable. I can't put it down and the difference in me since I began using it has been commented on by family and friends, I'm delighted!" Grief Encounters Of The Awakening Kind A Practitioner's Lived Experience Book by Regina Curley €15 + P&P €2.95 Grief - you don't get over it - you get around it! Did you know that everyone expresses grief differently? It is a very normal part of life. Grief Encounters of the Awakening Kind There is no set time as to when it will end. It affects us all in very different ways. No One escapes it. I wrote this book with the intention of helping you understand that it is ok to grieve. There's lots of help and support out there. Order your copy here grief experience by a holistic practitioner grief experience by a holistic practitioner 1/7 Order your copy here Your Words Matter! "Grief impacts us all, yet there is so little openly spoken about it, reading this book was so amazing for me, helped me in so many ways! "Such an insightful, honest read, so beautifully written." "Regina this book helped me in so many ways, so many things that not typically considered as grief yet they completely are, this book is groundbreaking, a must read" Join The Dots Backwards To Move Forwards Activity Book Activity Book by Regina Curley €20 + P&P €2.95 I compiled Join The Dots Backwards To Move Forwards as a directional tool for you to use when working on your personal growth. It gives specific information as to how to start and what you might achieve. ​ Enjoy! Order your copy here 1/7 Order your copy here Your Words Matter! "WOW majorly impressed with this latest publication from Regina. I was so excited to get started on it and it doesn't disappointment. So clear and easy to follow, highly recommend." The Nurture Gems Book by Regina Curley €10 + P&P €2.95 Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to complete a task that you have been promising yourself to do for a while. One liners are great reminders & motivators to encourage you to do that task! ​ We all have a different learning style, so short & to the point might be the very one to suit you! Order your copy here 7D1BEC23-C4A2-41F2-8603-123B0F098618 31AC6830-4D54-4ABC-BABC-FE14FE1343FB 0ED64449-5EA9-4C1E-9308-BD2B6D1F0CD3 7D1BEC23-C4A2-41F2-8603-123B0F098618 1/5 Order your copy here Your Words Matter! "Easy to read & frankly, quite deep in it's simplicity. Thoughts are sharp & the message is clear"

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  • Holding Back

    What is it about us therapists that we are so against stepping out? What exactly is the worst thing that can happen? Mmmmm……I can think of lots of things, can you!! It is so very easy to work with others regarding stepping out, imposter syndrome, and all the other 'little items' that prevent us from being seen, but can we work with others if we have not worked with ourselves first? Exploring this topic with a client just recently, made me ponder a lot about my own resistance to stepping out. Picking it apart and breaking it down further I arrived at fear of failure. Failing what exactly though, that was perplexing. Fear of looking silly, fear of not being perfect, oops, that’s a common enough one, the fear of not being perfect. All those fears, when they mount up are quite a job to be tackled, aren't they? This work brought me back to a time many years ago when I was a participant in a Tai Chi class. I loved that class, the peace and tranquillity I gained from the practice first, and all the lessons I learned in the class were mind-blowing. All about myself! My irritability, my impatience with myself, my lack of love for myself, my eagerness to beat myself up when I got something wrong. All happened as a matter of routine, all unconscious behaviour, but very damaging. A block to progress some might say. The lesson I learned about being perfect, was a very poignant one. We were doing the twenty-seven points to standing meditation. I went to work the next day and typed them out on a sheet of paper, enlarged it to fit a flip chart stand, and brought it along to the class. We decided there and then that some kind of covering would be a really good idea, as it would protect the poster from becoming damaged or torn. I took out a sheet of clear contact to put on the front of the poster and low and behold it crumpled up in one corner. Anyone who has worked with clear contact knows exactly how frustrating it is to get it to sit properly. I was having forty fits to myself when the instructor swiftly took the poster and pinned it up on the wall in front of the class. He reminded me that nobody was perfect and that was my little piece of perfect imperfection. I was disgusted, to say the least! Having to look at that poster every week soon encouraged me to redefine perfect!!! One reason for not wanting to step out was fear of not getting it right. That held me back for a long time. But I now want to know, what is the right thing? Does anyone know?  All these right things that I was taught as a child, suddenly don’t seem relevant anymore because I am willing to do the work, the work on myself I mean. Fear is a necessary evil, it keeps us safe, it drives us nuts, it holds us back, and it stops us from walking out onto the busy road. Looking at one fear acronym, False Evidence Appearing Real, what's false, what's true. That's the work, finding out the truth about the situation. A great way to deal with this is to use Neuro Linguistic Programming and Quantum release. They work so well together. Once we identify the issue then all we have to do is release the emotion. How easy is that? With the right practitioner, I can say from experience, it is very easy. So, the work goes on, holding back because of what exactly someone, or something? Courage is required to move out of holding-back mode and into stepping out. I have been so fortunate to have met amazing teachers along the way on my journey who encouraged me with love, support, and challenge for that I am so grateful, to step out of my own way and be seen. What’s holding you back?

  • Shudda, Wudda, Cudda.

    The first time I read this phrase, ‘Don’t shudd on yourself’ I just thought it was so funny. Probably because I could relate to it so well! I spent years of my life giving out to myself for what I should have and would have and could have done, if this that, and the other had happened differently! What a complete waste of precious time and energy! Well, you cannot do better until you know better! I could have a ‘Masters qualification’ in berating myself for what I ‘shudda’ done if there were such a thing! A very bad habit indeed. Habit, did I say? Well if it is a habit it is a behaviour and behaviour can be changed! That's the good news! During lockdown, everything seemed to go ‘online’ and I found the whole thing overwhelming and very frustrating. I had told myself I couldn't learn, so I was right I couldn't! I didn't come from that era of person who needed to know computer stuff so that was the best excuse I had to opt out, in my mind anyway! So I began to do some work on why I had this idea in my head about myself and why I ‘shudda, wudda, cudda, not learn IT. I decided to check myself every time I called myself a name or said something nasty to myself and change it to something positive. Guess what? It felt so good. Well, I thought if someone else was speaking to me in the way I was speaking to myself, would I tolerate it? I certainly would not, so why was I expecting others to be respectful of me, if I wasn't being respectful of myself? That was the starting point. Praising myself for what was going right, took some time to master. It felt awkward and uncomfortable, as I was not accustomed to appreciating myself. Again a behaviour that needed to be reprogrammed and relearned! Now I seek out the positive things in what I am attempting to do. Especially if it is something new that I haven't tackled before! The subconscious mind is very good at giving us evidence that we are correct when we think we cannot do it. Then it keeps giving us more of the same as long as we keep the old-style thinking going, just to prove to us that we are right. The next thing that happened was, that I began to take on board what I was learning in class about Zoom lessons, creating exam questions, and lots of other things besides. As soon as the pressure of putting myself down stopped, the avenue opened up for new information that was much more useful. The default program now switches to positive instead of negative, but it took a while to change it. Well if you have a lifetime of putting yourself down, then it will take a little work, to build yourself up! If you are a shudda wudda cudda person, now is a good time for change. Stop criticising yourself, praise your achievements no matter how small. Consider this, if you were working with your child would you criticise or praise? So in reprogramming the subconscious to respond positively to new situations, really we are working with our inner child, and then we get evidence that the new thoughts are correct. That is how it works. Maybe it is time to start appreciating yourself if you are falling down the hole of berating yourself, time to take action and change those thoughts to positive ones, the benefits are many. Leave the shudda on the shelf the wudda in the wardrobe, and the cudda in the cupboard and live the life you were meant to, happy and relaxed!

  • Food for Thought

    There are so many people these days, struggling with weight loss, fatigue, and mood swings. We can put that under lots of different headings and make excuses for it, but there is a huge connection between the type of food we eat and managing our stress levels. Before you disagree with that, I would like to add that so many people are also very stressed, anxious, and not coping with life very well. When I am working with clients who come for information on how to manage stress, we always talk about diet and nutrition. It is so important. “Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine”! That statement was made many thousands of years ago and how relevant it still is today! Hippocrates the father of modern medicine was very holistic in his approach to wellness. First, do not harm, and then his physicians were all trained in the art of rubbing, the medicinal value of the food we consume, the air that we breathe, and the importance of the environment we all live in. It is not well known, that food directly affects our stress levels—in particular, refined and processed food and indeed those with the dreaded E numbers. In other words, we like to snack on all the lovely stuff when we are tired, feeling low, or worrying about something. That type of food tastes delicious because they are overloaded with calories in the form of sugar and fat to create the most desired outcome, deliciousness! But are you even aware of that, or aware of the effect eating has on your stress levels? Food can be a medicine as well as a fuel. Low mood or tiredness, can lead us to make a coffee and have an accompanying chocolate bar. They both give us an adrenaline shot, causing all our systems to go on 'high' alert, except our digestive system, which shuts down. This gives us a chemical ‘high’. Twenty minutes later the high plummets back to a low and we make another coffee and have another chocolate bar! Does this sound familiar? Well if it does you are not the only person that repeats this habit. I did plenty of that myself before I realised the effect it had on me, my stress levels, and most definitely my mood. When I was training I documented what I was eating, and noticed the change in mood when I went over to cleaner eating habits. It is often thought, if we eat, it will give us more energy, but not so. The opposite is the truth, exercise is much more beneficial when we have low energy believe it or not, rather than overloading the digestive system, which has shut down anyway if we are in stress mode. Hormonal activity operates on a feedback system, so if an adrenaline rush gives us a high, then the body will look for more of that. The relationship between stress levels and diet and nutrition is very underrated. A healthy ‘high’ can be achieved from a brisk walk, a run, a swim, dancing, or any activity that we enjoy. We all produce adrenaline, for a purpose, but adrenaline left circulating in the body undischarged causes a myriad of illnesses. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes are probably the most common. As we are looking towards summer with brighter days and more available home-grown food, now is the time to change those habits. Raw food where possible builds up the immune system. Sure don’t we all eat salads during summer and lovely berries and fresh fruit? Food grown on the top of the soil, soak in the sun's chlorophyll, then when we eat it, we take in that energy too. All those foods have amazing value in terms of antioxidants, which help to reduce the damage done by free radicals and oxidation, and of course, minerals which build health, and vitamins which maintain it,  and taste delicious too. Do you think that you could have a look at food being your medicine and medicine being your food, the next time you have a low mood and look for an adrenaline hit? It is a very simple concept when we get to understand the effect that behaviour has on our health. The fast food industry has had a field day in recent times. Producing food using trans fats, and not-so-good quality ingredients. When my son with Down syndrome, comes home with a note to say they are having an outing, and the ‘usual suspect’ fast food chain is listed as a lunch venue, I get very cross. A little imagination would go a long way, for a decent lunch with good food value. But I do get it, the smell and the advertisements that go along with it, have everyone thinking this is the best thing for you. So there you are a lot to ‘digest’ pardon the pun! A little planning, to reduce your stress levels, build up your immune system, and offer your body wholefood medicine, for the best possible result. Wouldn’t you like to be less stressed?

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  • Welcome to The Nurture Niche

    The Nurture Niche is a dedicated Facebook Group set up to provide a safe online space for members to enjoy and to interact as much or as little as they are comfortable with. Get the inside track on The Nurture Niche here & become a Nichette!

  • Wednesday @8pm

    I am LIVE in The Nurture Niche Facebook Group every Wednesday @8pm. Simply come onto the group page, click refresh and it should pop up for you. You can also click into your notifications and refresh and it will pop up there also for you to click on to watch. You are now watching me LIVE. The LIVE shows me only. You are not visible on screen to anyone. If you wish to comment & interact then do so in the comments box at the bottom of your screen. After a few seconds I should be able to see your comments & will respond as best I can! This makes for a better topic discussion as it allows interaction and development of the chat. Any questions you have you can also pop them into the comment box and I will answer them. You can also use the comment box to reply yourself to anyone else's comments or to tag someone in a comment.

  • Altar

    If you have taken part in my Regina's Rituals Workshop you will know the importance of an Altar and how supportive it can be. For each Live I prepare an Altar for the group with relevant items on it to compliment and benefit our session. I will leave the Altar on screen during our meditation as some people like to have a visual focal point during this time. You can find a photo of the altar on the page after our Live, usually in the comments section of the Live post.

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