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  • QTT | Quantum Thinking Transformation | Anxiety Specialist | Regina Curley | Tallaght Dublin 24 Ireland | Online

    Q.T.T. What is QTT? If you are looking for support with anxiety stress and overwhelm, this is the modality for you. QTT or Quantum Thinking Transformation is a gentle talk technique that guides the client through a process in order to facilitate the release of old emotional pain. ​ I also use a technique called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which can help shape the way you view your experiences. ​ I offer a zero obligation 15-minute discovery call to identify your needs and to answer any queries you have. ​ 2 x 2 hour sessions €150 per session. ​ Book your no obligation discovery call Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life! 'No need to relive past traumas or events during a session - truly empowering!' Book your no obligation discovery call Thoughts are very powerful . They determine how we feel and therefore how we act. How true that is. Did that mean then, that if we decided to think something happy instead of something sad that it changed us in some way? You better believe it does! I have been doing that personal growth work myself for a long time now. There are many ways to change thoughts. Kill the ‘ANTS’ automatic negative thoughts. It’s the start of the process, becoming aware of the thoughts, changing the feelings then in turn changing the action. Unhelpful thoughts and anxiety can encourage procrastination, overwhelm, and distress. They can prevent us from taking part or enjoying even the simple things in life. Deciding that unhelpful thoughts and anxiety have taken over enough of your life is the best decision you will ever make. It is crippling, prevents us from doing what we really want to do and decides for us what happens with our life, not what we wish to happen. The role of the subconscious mind is to protect us, but sometimes it puts us under attack! Digging up feelings that churn your stomach, send your head in circles, pound the heart out of your chest, keep you awake at night, stop you in your tracks from doing something you would really like to do. We can change lots of emotionally charged memories and thoughts using QTT. QTT ~ or otherwise known as Quantum Thinking Transformation is a wonderful gentle talking technique that guides us through a process which allows us to release old negative, sad, disempowering emotions and free ourselves to experience a new way of being. One amazing point about QTT is that unlike other techniques, with QTT there is no need to relive old painful memories or traumas during the session . It is profoundly empowering. Two sessions two hours per session and you will transform your life , from being overwhelmed stressed out and forgetful, to calm happy and peaceful. Feel free to contact me if you would like to arrange a no obligation discovery call to discuss QTT and it’s suitability for you.

  • Resources | Guided Meditations, Gratitude Journal, Mantras | Regina Curley

    Resourc es What Resources are available to you? I have a number of easily accessible resources available through my social media channels that I encourage all to use in times of need. ​ Moments of mindfulness, short meditations, beautiful imagery, thinking points and little gems of wisdom for you to take some self care time out whenever and wherever it suits you! YouTube Channel & Social Media Pages Click on any of the links below to explore My YouTube channel is the place to go to find some wonderful guided meditations as well as information videos to access as and when you choose. My Facebook page is available to everyone & I also have a dedicated group called The Nurture Niche ​ ​ ​ Join The Nurture Niche Here Follow me on Twitter for bite size updates as they happen. Join me on Instagram for a visual delight for your senses. It is here that I can truly show you the essence of Regina Curley Life Coaching with imagery, reels & stories daily. Download Your Gratitude Journal Pages Here Gratitude Journal The Rest With Me Series The Rest With Me Series Interrupt your busy day and join me for 60 seconds of peace & quiet with ‘The Rest With Me Series’. Tuesday is “Rest with me” day! A little reminder to keep us on track! ​ Just one minute with beautiful imagery from around Ireland along to quotes by my favourite teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. Click images below to enjoy a sample! For more see my YouTube Channel Find the full series here The Nurture-Zone The Nurture-Zone There are many ways to express yourself! You can shout out loud, you can sing, dance, or you can quietly write down your thoughts, save them for better days or burn them as a letting-go ritual. I find writing really therapeutic. It helps me let go of stored up negative energy and enhances the other practices that I have, of releasing what does not serve me. But most importantly it allows the inner creative part out. Even if it's to show gratitude, joy happiness, or fun, it all mounts up to being calm peaceful, and at ease. Try it, it's a wonderful exercise in courage. A positive challenge that builds on your self-esteem and confidence. That’s has to be good! If you have any poems you would like to share then please reach out! CLICK TO WATCH

  • Reiki Healing | Tallaght Dublin 24 Ireland | Distance Reiki |Regina Curley

    Reiki What is Reiki? Do you want to reduce stress, relax tension, encourage healing, restore restful sleep, improve well-being, recover homeostasis, to mention but a few - then Reiki is for you! ​ Reiki is an ancient healing therapy and has been practiced for thousands of years. It is Japanese in origin and was re-introduced to us in the early 1920's by Mikao Usui. ​ It is a very gentle modality, that channels Universal Life Force Energy through the therapist and to the client. ​ The client is fully clothed and lying on a massage bed or relaxation chair. The therapist places her hands in certain positions on the body, but it can be performed with hands off too. ​ ​Reiki can be channeled on-site or distantly on zoom. ​ I offer a no obligation 15-minute discovery call to identify your needs and to answer any queries you have. ​ €60 per treatment. Treatment duration is 1 hour. Book your no obligation discovery call Gentle, soothing & calming Rest & Recover Book your no obligation discovery call Everything is energy. Reiki healing is about channeling Universal Light Force Energy. ​ When we are taking the holistic approach, we are working on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, behavioural, and energetic. Reiki's energy is so gentle and so subtle. It calms the agitated mind, body, and soul. ​ As a Holistic Practitioner, the philosophy behind wellness is that the relaxed body will heal itself. ​ In the troubled busy times that we now live in, it has become more and more difficult to relax and calm down. The body is therefore constantly in stress mode. ​ Reiki is so gentle, soothing and calming, and most importantly non-invasive. It is ideal for those who find it difficult to trust and let go. ​ ​ ​ ​

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  • love Is All We Need!

    “We are made for goodness. We are made for love. We are made for friendliness. We are made for togetherness. We are made for all of the beautiful things that you and I know. We are made to tell the world that there are no outsiders. All are welcome: black, white, red, yellow, rich, poor, educated, not educated, male, female, gay, straight, all, all, all. We all belong to this family, this human family.” Tutu Rise in Glory. When I was a child the 8th of December marked a special feast day, but more importantly it was a day off school! It marks a very significant date in the Roman Catholic church calendar. The feast days were great because it meant a day off! The day that all the people who lived down the country came to Dublin to shop. Long before we had shopping centres on the outskirts of the city.  A very special day indeed one of preparation for the big celebration of Christmas that was coming. However, Christmas can be challenging for some people, and not all sweetness and light. The anxiety about not having enough. Not having enough money, enough to buy the children presents, not enough to provide food over Christmas. All low vibrational emotions, fear, anger, desperation, shame even. But while in the ideal world, we all should be equal, sadly we are not and that is a fact. The good news is we can change our perspective about it, which in turn will change our thinking and then change our feelings so we can reframe the whole situation and turn it into a more pleasant event. We can have Christmas our way, so that means anything that suits you. Tradition has changed because people have changed. But our freedom to choose has not. What will it take for the world to see that what is missing today is love? The wars taking place, the friction between nations, the greed for power, the destruction and the trauma, and the effect it has on innocent children? What is it all for? Are we destroying the very thing that we were created for? If so, what a pity that is! But really how many times have we heard the word ‘love’ used with all sorts of strange connotations, especially about Christmas? All you need is love, that one was a trendy statement when I was a teenager, but the truth and value in that is priceless!  If only we could see that it is the truth, we are all made from love and for love. The human in us sometimes takes us away from love. It sometimes makes us unforgiving, judgemental, assuming and all the low vibrational emotions going! So let us gently come back to the meaning of Christmas, to love, sharing, and togetherness. For today let us focus on love. What can we do for ourselves that brings our focus to love? Helping the family members we love, the work we love to do, the people we love to chat with, and the simple little actions of kindness that we can do, to increase the awareness of love and to show love. Love truly is all we need.

  • Zen Tales

    A little bit of Zen...on emptiness One day a solitary monk was in a state of sublime emptiness sitting under a tree. Flowers began to gently fall about him. From the Silence Itself, he heard a whisper as gentle as the breeze, say this to him “We are praising you for your discourse on emptiness”. “But I have not spoken about emptiness,” said the monk. The winds whispered back: “You have not spoken of emptiness, we have not heard emptiness... this is true emptiness.” Then blossoms showered down on him as full as raindrops. His meditation bench was as empty as the Zen monk's mind. Isn’t this just so beautiful? It emphasizes how much we complicate everything and make it something it is not. This story reminds me of the people who dramatise the happenings in their life and make everything bigger than it needs to be. That is a negative habit but a habit is a behaviour that we have learned so therefore we can unlearn it. How can you unlearn these habits that do not serve, one tool I use is meditation. I have a fabulous online course called Zenology. It is a self-learn lifetime access course, comprising of three modules and you can come and go from it as often as you like. Learn at your own pace, no pressure, no stress! When was the last time you were empty, silent, or quiet? Food for thought? Or maybe it provokes thoughts about creating a drama? Are you a player in your own life drama? Are you the victim or are you the hero? Either way, the choice is yours. My superpower is the power to choose, one thought over another, be silent, be empty and be less stressed! If you are looking to add more zen to your own life or that of someone you love this Christmas I have extended the special offer on my Zen-ology, online self paced meditation course to Christmas Eve. You can purchase it now for yourself or a loved one at the reduced price of just €99 instead of the usual price of €149. This meditation course comes with Unlimited Life Time Access! How amazing is that? Find out more here & if you order now you will automatically only be charged €99 at checkout saving €50 Zen-ology | Online Meditation Course | Anxiety Specialist | Regina Curley | Ireland | Anxiety Relief Stress Management (

  • Robins & Angels

    When I looked at the calendar today I realised it is my Nana's 57th Anniversary! My Dad's mother. She died in 1966 when I was just eleven. She lived two houses away and meant the world to me, she was so kind, innovative, a woman's woman, brave and courageous, and very confident in her own skin, (bossy too!) When I think of her, I think of the softness of her skin, her little feet, her silver hair, and a silver ballerina brooch that she wore on her cardigan. Later this morning I was coming out just after having a beautiful treatment, from Ann my favourite therapist, when a white feather floated down right in front of me. Angels about I thought to myself! Then a double whammy, a robin flew across from the branch of his tree to the top of the woodpile. He sat there as comfy as can be picking around. I know they are very territorial birds and love beetles and insects to eat, so he was having a great peck through the wood to see what he could find. They are also very loyal so when they feel safe in a specific place with the same humans coming and going they come back and stay. When I passed by he turned his head sideways and looked at me, enquiringly, as much as to say well I haven't seen her before! Ann said he comes around quite a lot especially when there is food on top of the wood pile! Aw… he just melted by heart. They are such beautiful little birds, and this one was a round plump little guy with the most striking red breast. Well, they say Robins appear when a loved one is near, then I remembered what day it is and thought ah yes, that’s probably true! ROBIN REMINDERS - A POEM BY REGINA CURLEY

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  • Welcome to The Nurture Niche

    The Nurture Niche is a dedicated Facebook Group set up to provide a safe online space for members to enjoy and to interact as much or as little as they are comfortable with. Get the inside track on The Nurture Niche here & become a Nichette!

  • Wednesday @8pm

    I am LIVE in The Nurture Niche Facebook Group every Wednesday @8pm. Simply come onto the group page, click refresh and it should pop up for you. You can also click into your notifications and refresh and it will pop up there also for you to click on to watch. You are now watching me LIVE. The LIVE shows me only. You are not visible on screen to anyone. If you wish to comment & interact then do so in the comments box at the bottom of your screen. After a few seconds I should be able to see your comments & will respond as best I can! This makes for a better topic discussion as it allows interaction and development of the chat. Any questions you have you can also pop them into the comment box and I will answer them. You can also use the comment box to reply yourself to anyone else's comments or to tag someone in a comment.

  • Altar

    If you have taken part in my Regina's Rituals Workshop you will know the importance of an Altar and how supportive it can be. For each Live I prepare an Altar for the group with relevant items on it to compliment and benefit our session. I will leave the Altar on screen during our meditation as some people like to have a visual focal point during this time. You can find a photo of the altar on the page after our Live, usually in the comments section of the Live post.

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