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  • Holistic Life Coach | Regina Curley | Tallaght Dublin 24

    Top of Page About Me What I Offer Testimonials Upcoming Events The Nurtue-zine The Nurture Niche Contact Me Welcome to Regina Curley Holistic Life Coaching Reflexology - Life Coaching - QTT - Reiki - Aromatherapy - NLP - Courses - Workshops Specialising in Anxiety Management Are You... At the end of your tether? Sick and tired feeling sick and tired? Lost with no direction? Wanting to change but don’t know how? ​ Or maybe you are feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed? ​ Are you tolerating migraines, headaches, IBS and other physical manifestations of dis-ease? If this is you, I am delighted you are looking at my website. With my work tools, simple and easy, but profoundly effective, I can empower you to change your thoughts so you change your life. Click here to learn more about my values Book a FREE zero obligation Discovery Call About Me My name is Regina Curley & I am the owner of Regina Curley Life Coaching. I am a Holistic Life Coach, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, QTT Practitioner, Reiki Master, Webinar Presenter, Tutor, Course Designer & now a published author! I trained in Holistic Practices in the 1990's and since then I have evolved into Holistic Life Coaching. I am currently a Holistic Practitioner/Tutor and life coach. ​ My goal in everything I do is to help you to live your best life. ​ I specialize in anxiety and stress management, where I inspire people to change their thinking to reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm, recover lost self esteem & confidence to enable them to live the healthy, peaceful life they deserve. What I Offer 1/8 1/6 1/7 VIEW SERVICES MORE TESTIMONIALS HANDS ON MASTERS INFO WORKSHOPS INFO The Ideal Christmas Gift Gift Empowerment This Christmas. Discover The Nurture Kit A-Z Workbook Read More Buy your workbook Perfect Pre-Christmas Selfcare Day EARLY BIRD PRICE IS €100 - SAVING YOU €25 Click to book your place or make an enquiry Mail IDEAL ESCAPE FROM THE NOISE & OVERWHELM OF CHRISTMAS CURRENT SELF LED ONLINE COURSE - ZENOLOGY CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT ZENOLOGY Sign up to receive my FREE newsletter with articles, meditations, exercises, freebies & special offers. ​ You only need to sign up once to receive each month's emails. You can unsubscribe at any time. Back issues are available simply email to request them. Sign up here Join Thanks for submitting! I'm LIVE @8pm each Monday in my dedicated Facebook Group The Nurture Niche. Join me for a Nurture Natter on a self development topic followed by a guided meditation. All welcome! CLICK FOR MORE INFO ON THE NURTURE NICHE JOIN THE NURTURE NICHE Contact Me Regina Curley ​ Tel: +353 87 269 2749 ​ Email: Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland Follow me This site has been put together by some empowered women who have helped to empower me, Amy Kane Photography, & Dusting off my Soul, Ev Woodard Photography. #WomenEmpoweringWomen Back to Top

  • Return to Peace - Christmas Workshop | Regina Curley

    Return To Peace - Your Christmas Your Way! Return to Peace – Your Christmas Your Way Are you someone that dreads Christmas? Does it fill you with Christmas fear, not Christmas cheer? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice calm relaxed approach to Christmas? Mail EARLY BIRD PRICE IS €100 - SAVING YOU €25 Click to book your place or make an enquiry Maybe Christmas is a time of great stress & strain for you, shopping, family meet ups, painful memories. This year decide to make the change! Break free of old traditions and start yourself a new one that has you and your peace right at the heart of it! Calm…Zen…Relaxed…Joyful…all feelings to be experienced at our Return To Peace Self Care Day! Why not enjoy Your Christmas ~ Your Way this year! Early Bird Price €100 ~ Book now and save yourself €25! Limited availability so please book early to avoid disappointment ~ especially if you are planning on attending with friends! Email to book Mail EARLY BIRD PRICE IS €100 - SAVING YOU €25 Click to book your place or make an enquiry

  • Guest Speaker, Presenter, Course Tutor | Regina Curley | Tallaght Dublin 24 Ireland | Online & In Person

    Guest Speaker / Presenter / Tutor Book your FREE Discovery Call In person or online Over 22 years experience Bespoke courses can be tailored to your needs With the necessity of online communication it became essential that I moved what I could of my business online. With the stressful times we found ourselves and the amount of people reaching out to me I could not ignore the need for online assistance. While this meant in person treatments like reflexology and aromatherapy had to take a back seat it did open the door for me to try something new. I have embraced the opportunity to present webinars on my work and have worked closely with Education Centres around Ireland as well as various charities and associations. I have presented on a range of topics such as stress management, mindfulness, tips and tools from my Holistic Life Coach & therapist toolbox to provide relief during challenging times. If you are looking for a guest speaker for your webinar or need a presenter or tutor for your course then feel free to get in touch and we can discuss tailoring the presentation to your needs. Book your FREE Discovery Call

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  • 💗 The Authenticity of Touch

    “It is as instinctive to rub as it is to eat and drink” that quote came from the father of modern medicine Hippocrates. He wanted all of his physicians to be trained in the art of rubbing! Something happened in the translation there, as that is most certainly not what is happening today! What do you think about touch? Have you any idea how powerfully healing it is? I was sitting in the garden thinking about that and all the simple situations where healing takes place, just kept popping into my mind. For example, when a new baby grasps your thumb what does it feel like? You go all gooey and mushy? Me – definitely! When you’re five-year-old brushes your hair into the latest style what does that feel like? Me – do more! When your grandchildren rush into your arms – Nana wait until I tell you what happened. Me – filled with joy. When your lifetime partner holds you in his arms and just says nothing? Me – heart-stopping. When we all hold hands to close my workshops what does it feel like? Me – complete. What does it feel like when you are touched? Have you ever thought about it? A gesture, an embrace, was Hippocrates right all those thousands of years ago? Most definitely in my opinion. We were talking about this at one of my workshops with Reflexologists on the subject of pain and treatments, and what I think about the statement ‘no pain no gain’. When our children fall, we don’t pick them up and cause them more pain, we usually rub the area hug the child and reassure them everything will be alright. A number of years ago I had the privilege of working in a day centre for seniors and the power of touch was so healing for them. Some had no speech following an illness and some were bedbound and could not move. But the power of touch was so evident in their body language. Those who waited for me at the lift every Tuesday, to see who was first on the list, well that was a different story! The eighty-five-year-old matron (patient resident) who still inspected the windowsills for dust, loved her feet being worked on and ordered Reflexology every Tuesday when I asked what it was that she preferred. Because of the situation we have been in for the past few years, we have been discouraged from touching. Now It is time to recover the lost healing. I hope I have encouraged you to think more about the healing power of a touch, the authenticity of your favourite person holding your hand, hugging you, or just touching your fingertips. We need more Hippocratic thinking, that’s what I say. ➡️ Find out about my range of post graduate reflexology training courses here; ➡️ Contact me to book a reflexology treatment! Or why not gift a treatment to someone you love this Christmas

  • Being asked to train a superstar, no pressure!

    A Guest Blog by Sam Doran to mark Down Syndrome Awareness Month. I met Sam six years ago when he came into my class as a massage student. I can see potential with a capital P and this guy had it in bucketfuls. We’ve remained in touch as we are now colleagues sharing our interest in healthy body healthy mind. When I first walked into Crumlin College of further education in 2016 at the age of 21, I never thought I’d be in the position I am now. I never thought I would be fortunate enough to meet a uniquely amazing mentor in Regina Curley. When I first met Regina, it felt like I had already met her before! I was incredibly fortunate to work under & learn from an exceptional woman like Regina. With her bubbly, witty & outgoing personality every class was like a show. I would enter into Friday morning holistic massage classes not knowing what to expect but always left feeling full of joy, laughter & enthusiasm afterwards. Fast forward to summer 2019. I received a text from Regina asking if I would be interested in training her son Geoff who was recently representing team Ireland at the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi. Geoff was interested in maintaining his fitness levels while building upon the new found confidence he had gained since becoming an Olympian! Without hesitation I accepted. I was very excited & nervous to begin training with Geoff. Excited because I knew it would be an opportunity of a lifetime, nervous because I had never trained anyone with down syndrome before so naturally I was fearful of messing up, not establishing rapport with Geoff & if I was able to deliver a service that he would find fun, engaging & beneficial. After the first session my fears & worries were eradicated. It was unbelievable to see how quickly Geoff would adapt to any form of physical activity or training stimulus. Geoff started by doing body weight squats in his first few weeks, he then shortly progressed on to performing deadlifts & pushing a weighted sled in a short time afterwards, what an incredible turn around! After the first few weeks, the rapport between Geoff and myself had blossomed, going from coach and athlete to good friends. Our greetings started from a hand shake & quickly evolved into a hug. The start of each session evolved from chatting and checking in with Geoff to Geoff destroying me in pool. I am yet to actually win a game of pool with Geoff, what a pool shark! We also love to discuss our favorite sports, including football, GAA, basketball & bowling. Unfortunately Geoff is a Manchester United man so we do have some differences (As do all great friendships) but we then bond over our mutual love of the Dublin GAA team. Yup Mayo for Sambos!! As a coach I couldn’t measure or quantify how it was working with Geoff, but to say the least it was a unique memorable experience. The endless love, compassion, belly laughs, humorous remarks and insightful coaching Geoff gave to his mum Regina while she was working out too. The aptitude & attitude Geoff displayed when entering into each session was incredible. For Geoff some days were hard, some days were easier, but the underlying constant is that Geoff showed up twice per week. This is an insight into some of the few amazing qualities Geoff possesses; consistency & dedication. I will be eternally grateful & appreciative to Regina. Not only did Regina teach me the skills to perform holistic massage treatments, she also instilled something in me that I never had before meeting her in 2016 and that was - self believe & self love. I will be forever grateful to Regina for allowing me the opportunity to meet and train her son Geoff, for the endless love, compassion, empathy & patience he has unearthed in me, is something I try to carry across in every aspect of my daily life. To say the least, my life has never been the same since meeting Regina & Geoff. Thank you for being two constant shining stars within my life to date. Sam Doran.

  • The Nurture~Zone, ‘The Inner Roar was tamed’, A poem by Gabrielle O’Hara

    There are many ways to express yourself! You can shout out loud, you can sing, dance, or you can quietly write down your thoughts, save them for better days or burn them as a letting-go ritual. I find writing really therapeutic. It helps me let go of stored up negative energy and enhances the other practices that I have, of releasing what does not serve me. But most importantly it allows the inner creative part out. Even if it's to show gratitude, joy happiness, or fun, it all mounts up to being calm peaceful, and at ease. Try it, it's a wonderful exercise in courage. A positive challenge that builds on your self-esteem and confidence. That’s has to be good! If you have any poems you would like to share then please reach out Like Gabrielle did with this gem. I met Gabrielle four years ago. We were QTT students together. We shared lots of humour during our course. The tiger stood in our path. He spoke of freedom and wanting to go home His work was done here he said. For the first time ever I was able to speak with him, and listen to what he had to say. I heard serenity in his voice. I heard wisdom from his soul. He had family he wanted to dedicate his time to. He said it was time for me to let him go. He spoke of a strengthen within me. He spoke of the appropriateness of the roar and the seldom time it might be needed. He spoke of the freedom of trust, and knowing it with those closest to me. He imparted to me the importance of knowing my worth, knowing that even though I may feel hurt, I can be free and I can deal with that hurt without the roar. The tiger stood gentle and elegant on our path. He gave me the gifts of pride, strength, protection, wisdom, trust, inner knowing and above all the compassion of unconditional love. He walked back into his jungle of hope and I freely let him go. We both are now free to be and live a life of hope surrounded by our own gifts knowing that our roar is gentle and at peace. 💝 Gabrielle O’Hara 15/06/2020 ©

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  • Welcome to The Nurture Niche

    The Nurture Niche is a dedicated Facebook Group set up to provide a safe online space for members to enjoy and to interact as much or as little as they are comfortable with. Get the inside track on The Nurture Niche here & become a Nichette!

  • Wednesday @8pm

    I am LIVE in The Nurture Niche Facebook Group every Wednesday @8pm. Simply come onto the group page, click refresh and it should pop up for you. You can also click into your notifications and refresh and it will pop up there also for you to click on to watch. You are now watching me LIVE. The LIVE shows me only. You are not visible on screen to anyone. If you wish to comment & interact then do so in the comments box at the bottom of your screen. After a few seconds I should be able to see your comments & will respond as best I can! This makes for a better topic discussion as it allows interaction and development of the chat. Any questions you have you can also pop them into the comment box and I will answer them. You can also use the comment box to reply yourself to anyone else's comments or to tag someone in a comment.

  • Altar

    If you have taken part in my Regina's Rituals Workshop you will know the importance of an Altar and how supportive it can be. For each Live I prepare an Altar for the group with relevant items on it to compliment and benefit our session. I will leave the Altar on screen during our meditation as some people like to have a visual focal point during this time. You can find a photo of the altar on the page after our Live, usually in the comments section of the Live post.

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