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Advanced Reflexology Techniques



I am a reflexologist with almost thirty years experience, and a teacher of reflexology for twenty-five. Down through the years working with clients and observing them come into my treatment room worried, poorly, not seeing a way out, and leaving it following a course of treatments, happy, relaxed, more hopeful, and living their best life.

Of course, every diploma course has its syllabus that needs to be delivered for examination purposes, and that is perfectly fine. But the reality is, that lots of what we are taught on the diploma course is only basic information. I know you are shocked!

That is where I come in! I know this because I was once that newly qualified practitioner, nervous, scared, hoping I would do the right thing, (whatever that is) or more to the point, that I would not do the wrong thing, all of that, and more just like everyone else. Being the eternal lifelong student, I attended many workshops, courses, and networks, that taught me many different ways of working and helped me feel confident and more competent.

As a result of this, I created the Hands-on Masters Series of postgraduate workshops. These workshops are usually one-day trainings and N.R.R.I. have awarded them 100 CPD points. So you have half the required points for your membership renewal in just one workshop!

The first workshop I created is Advanced Reflexology Techniques, where we look at little tips not covered in the original diploma and short sequences to help you get better results. The second one is Bereavement & Loss, completely given over to the effect of grief on the body and how we recognise it on the feet and techniques to work with.

Let’s Open the Practitioners Casebook part 1 and 2 where I share my case studies with the workshop participants. There are four conditions in each workshop from Long Covid, Anxiety to IBS, and many more. Lots of little ways of working, to help you get the best results with your clients.

All these workshops came about as a result of circulating an evaluation form, which I give out after each workshop. That's how you make a good workshop great. Listen to what the graduate wants and give it to her/him that's what I say.

I enjoy working with graduates, teaching new ways to work and see things, and most importantly, being in a fun relaxed environment where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and sharing knowledge.

Simple and easy are my work tools and empowerment is my mission. Have a look at the website where all the upcoming workshops are advertised. Maybe I will see you soon!

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