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The Red Lippy Tour

Brought To You By The Nurture Niche

While I was interviewing a member in our group the lovely Olivia, she told me that she loved wearing red lipstick. Following that interview I decided to set up the red lippy tour, to honour all the ladies who like to wear red lipstick! It is a statement that women mean business but most of all they mean fun!


We are a friendly, inclusive, fun group of women from all backgrounds, ages & walks of life. If you come alone to an event you definately wont be alone once you join us! If you feel more comfortable coming with a like minded friend or family member this is perfectly ok too, all we ask is that they join The Nurture Niche Facebook Group in advance so we can ensure a safe members only space for everyone on the day.

The criteria for joining us is red lipstick and red nails. A great way to gather as a tribe and have a nice lunch and some fun conversation.

So if you have the courage to wear red lipstick and red nails and are a member of the Nurture Niche, you are so welcome to join us!

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Lunch, Laughter
Like-minded Friends

Connect for the best effect!

Dublin group members finally got to meet in person since they first met virtually during the initial Lockdown! The Red Lippy Tour was born!!!

I set up ‘The Nurture Niche’ Facebook group as a way of bringing calm & well-being during a time of chaos & Covid.

Keen to play my part & give back I started offering a free guided meditation & ‘Nurture Natter’ at 8pm each Wednesday. An advocate for selfcare & empowerment I wanted to share my knowledge on topics such as boundaries, letting go, inner wisdom & gratitude to name but a few.

Little did I know two years on the group would have over 500 members spread throughout Ireland & as far away as France, Australia & America!

Still meeting regularly on Facebook Live & via monthly workshops on topics such as Anxiety & protecting your energy our group are women on a mission to empower each other. We have each other’s backs virtually & now finally in person. Supporting local business The Glashaus Hotel in Tallaght some of the Dublin women had their first meet up this year. Wearing red lipstick & red nails for the occasion we even managed to surprise group member Ellen with a birthday cake from local bakery Thunders.

Who knows where our group will end up for our next meet-up…Waterford or Australia!


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