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I am a huge believer in women supporting women but I am an even bigger advocate for women empowering women! I am always finding new ways to try to incorporate it into all of my therapies & services, Holistic Life Coaching, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, QTT & Reiki. So given this I thought how could I possibly have a platform without using it to practice what I believe in?


I simply couldn't & so The Women Empowering Women Series idea was born!


The Nurture Niche

As my Facebook group 'The Nurture Niche' grew & grew ... & grew I quickly became aware of the absolute wealth of talent hiding within.

Women of all ages & backgrounds...therapists, mothers, name it they were all there cheering each other on, inspiring each other, sharing their day to day lives with people of the same mindset & most importantly, & the main purpose of The Nurture Niche, collectively raising the group's vibration!

From there the series was created...monthly Guest Bloggers & monthly Live Guests joining me for a Nurture Natter on Facebook Live in the group.

Meet The Guest Bloggers!

Click on the link to read their Blog!

Guest Blogs

Our Nurture Niche Chats

Guest Nurture Niche Lives

We have been lucky enough to have these amazing women share their time, knowledge & memories with us in our Nurture Niche Facebook Group that meets Wednesdays @8pm. Click on the names to watch our chat .

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