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💗 Let’s talk about the Angels

I met this week’s Guest Blogger, Caroline Caffrey, in a business group about six years ago.

I loved her courage to go live in her groups and we shared a love of angels. Other than lockdown we have visited each other once a year I go to Waterford one year she comes to Dublin another.

We are extremely shy, so we just sit there and look at each other!! Ha Ha we never stop talking from the time we meet until the time we wave goodbye to each other!

I’m sure you will find her blog post as wonderful as I do!

“Will you write a guest blog for me?” Regina said as we walked back towards the train station after our day of catching up, I could hear myself say yes but I knew it wasn’t me that answered her, what will I write about I asked, “about the Angels” she said, and I knew then who the culprits were behind all this. LOL

So, I sat down this morning with them and said right now Angels you wanted to do this blog with Regina what do you want talk about. “We want people to ask us to help them more.”

“We want people to understand that our whole purpose is to help them in their lives everyday, that’s our job and we love it. You see when you soul was created you chose your Guardian Angel, yes you chose your Guardian Angel, and your Guardian Angel has walked every step with you in every lifetime you have lived, has watch over every breath that you have taken, heard all your thoughts, felt every one of your emotions because you are the most important person in their life. Each day they walk by your side listening to your internal and external conversations, listening to the beating of your heart, and the flow of life through your body. They feel everything you feel and are just waiting for you to ask them to help you.

This is the thing we want you all to understand so much, we can help you in any situation and we mean any situation but you have to ask us, that is the rule so to speak, because when you chose to come to Earth to have this amazing experience you were given the gift of free will, choice and the ability to create anything you wanted. Your job so to speak is to remember that this is inside you and use it to find your happiness and share that happiness with your fellow man.

Our job is to help you do that and share the journey with you, but we have to wait until you remember we are here and then remember to ask us to help you. You need to ask everyday, because everyday that you get to stay on the Earth is like a fresh new start and so you need to give us permission each day to work with you. But we want you to see us as your very best friend, someone that you call on everyday to tell all your news, share your worries or concerns, run ideas by and in general chat about everything.

You see one of the privileges of being your Guardian Angel for every lifetime you live is we get full access to your life blueprint, this let’s us see what has happened in all previous lifetimes and what key points you have to reach in this one as well, you see while you do have free will, you also have to complete certain tasks in each lifetime so that you fulfil your contract with the creator. Things like choosing the right family, certain friends in life, the moment you meet your partner or the other parent of your child/children, the children that you have agreed to bring into the world and your calling or purpose in this lifetime. We have that blueprint in front of us at all times so we can help you and guide you on that path to fulfil your contract and Ascend to the next leave of your awareness of self-discovery. We really love to help you with this.

So again, we say if you can think of us as your best friend, the person you open up to and tell all to and also the person you ask for guidance and help, that allows us to step in and support you, which fills us with so much joy. It doesn’t have to be any big ceremony, you can simply ask, can you help me Angels. We know that you like giving us names, it helps you connect with us more easily and we understand that but if you don’t have a name, it’s ok, we are always by your side we know when you are talking to us and we are always listening to you, ready to step in and help. So, we ask you to please call on us every day, and allow us to guide you through this lifetime, and help make it as easy and as enjoyable as possible for you. Yes, there will be challenges and unfortunately, we can’t take them away for you, but we can support you through them, these challenges are there to help you grow and understand life. We are aware that it doesn’t always feel like that from your human experience, but this is where we come in to help you see the lesson, find the good, and turn things around for the better.”

Angels you have spoken about our Guardian Angels, which as you said everyone of us have, what about the Archangels and other Angels, do we not call on them or why would we call on them.

“Good question, so glad you asked, you can call on any Angel to help you, that is our job to help you through this human experience, don’t ever worry about asking the wrong Angel because we can all help you.

The Archangels as you see them are a host of Angels that have become widely recognised by you all, but really they are no less or more powerful than any other Angel, we all chose where and how we want to serve our creator, the Guardian Angels have chosen the job of guarding a soul, while other Angels have chosen to support them and that is what the Archangels and other Angels do they support your Guardian Angel. Again, we know that you have given them names and that really helps you connect and have a stronger faith in them, and we don’t mind that, we don’t mind who you call as long as you call us to help you, there is no competition here in the Angelic Realm.

Angels we have spoken before about how connected we are with you all, can you talk about that before you go.

“Yes, we are all the same the light, we are all beings of light. Inside each of you and each of us is a light energy, and if you were to examine both you would see that we are all created from the same light, we are not higher beings than you, we are just doing a different job than you. Actually, you all are very brave to step forward for the human experience because to do so is to wipe your memory of who you truly are clean and your light is inside the dense energy of your human body on the extremely heavy dense energy of Earth, and in order for you to find your way home, you have to find your own light within, this can take many lifetimes to happen. But because of us all having the same light inside, you are able to feel us, of see us, or just know that we are around you, and the more you go within to find your light, the easier it is to find us, and then to find your way home. This is why we love working with you all because we are all connected to each other, so helping you fills us with joy.”

Thank you, Angels, for this conversation this morning, I know that many people will find this so helpful and will call on you all so much more now.

I have worked with the Angels all my life, unconsciously for many years from late teens to mid-thirties, but since my son was born 17 years ago, I have talked to them more and more as the years went on, and I can honestly say, they have changed my life completely. I suffered with depression for a number of years after my son was born and it was at an Angel workshop that Archangel Michael came to me, and filled me with strength and courage, and that day was a defining moment in my life, everything started to change after that.

I can only say to you, why try to go through this life on your own when there is someone by your side that knows you better than you know yourself, knows your life purpose/calling in this lifetime and can guide you every step of the way, and loves you more than you can ever imagine, and all you have to do is ask them to help you, that’s it, so simple, everyday just ask them to help you and they will, they always, always do.

Call on your Guardian Angel or any Angel today.

Until the next time.


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