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๐Ÿ’— Little Treasures

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

My kitchen/living room area, is a space that I spend a lot of my time in. I took a mad figarey just recently and decided to do a serious Spring clean. Thereโ€™s a glass cabinet in my kitchen and while I was cleaning it, I came across three glasses that belonged to my parents. The set belonged to a centre piece in the sideboard of a dining room suite that was bought for them for a wedding present.

The press in the centre of the sideboard opened out into a cocktail cabinet, with what seemed like millions of glasses, to me as a child that is.

Really, I guess, looking at it now, the table was too big for the room as it didnโ€™t fold up and was in the centre of the living space all the time. That was quite customary at that time for the table actually be the centrepiece of the room.

Anyhow over the years the glasses got broken of course, five children, the usual accidents happened. Such a pity as they were all shapes, sizes, and colours. From champagne glasses to liquor to everything you could think of.

Little cocktail sticks with different coloured round heads on that looked like smarties! A cocktail shaker and other lovely pieces that are usually found in a cocktail cabinet.

When I was getting married my mother asked me if I would like to take the last remaining three glasses. So, I have them in my cabinet. My parents were married in September 1953 and so those glasses are just coming up on 68 years old. Wow. Imagine they are still being loved and adored in my glass cabinet all these years later.

Iโ€™m a bit of a softy when it comes to memories, and sentimental things. Not a hoarder mind, but very respectful of what is treasured. I do hope that I can pass them on to one of my daughters or divide them up and give them to both.

Little treasures, they always have memories attached and the stories to accompany them. Its kind of like a photograph album, they stimulate the emotions, especially when the person you are looking at in the photo is no longer living.

But those three glasses are old, sentimental and memory provoking. I enjoyed polishing them and seeing them glisten in the sunshine, back in the cabinet for another day.











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