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Robins & Angels

When I looked at the calendar today I realised it is my Nana's 57th Anniversary! My Dad's mother. She died in 1966 when I was just eleven. She lived two houses away and meant the world to me, she was so kind, innovative, a woman's woman, brave and courageous, and very confident in her own skin, (bossy too!) When I think of her, I think of the softness of her skin, her little feet, her silver hair, and a silver ballerina brooch that she wore on her cardigan.

Later this morning I was coming out just after having a beautiful treatment, from Ann my favourite therapist, when a white feather floated down right in front of me. Angels about I thought to myself! Then a double whammy, a robin flew across from the branch of his tree to the top of the woodpile. He sat there as comfy as can be picking around. I know they are very territorial birds and love beetles and insects to eat, so he was having a great peck through the wood to see what he could find. They are also very loyal so when they feel safe in a specific place with the same humans coming and going they come back and stay.

When I passed by he turned his head sideways and looked at me, enquiringly, as much as to say well I haven't seen her before! Ann said he comes around quite a lot especially when there is food on top of the wood pile! Aw… he just melted by heart. They are such beautiful little birds, and this one was a round plump little guy with the most striking red breast. Well, they say Robins appear when a loved one is near, then I remembered what day it is and thought ah yes, that’s probably true!


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