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Your Platform to Power

When I trained many years ago as a young holistic therapist, the concept of starting a business stepping out on my own, and treating people was very daunting indeed. At that time which I can now nearly describe as the ‘olden days ’ or maybe the ‘golden days’ we didn't have any internet or online presence. Or mobile phones either! The only way to advertise was leaflets, brochures, an advertisement in the local paper, and of course word of mouth.

Word of mouth was the one all therapists used, making sure our clients were happy with the treatment so that they would pass on the good news.

Training then comprised of literally the course syllabus and very little else. No support afterward so working with the public, and dealing with all sorts of conditions presenting, was a huge learning experience for anyone in the holistic world. Of course, we were regarded as nutters, witches, weirdos, hippies, new agers, you name it, but because we understood that there was a different way to live life, there had to be something wrong with us!

It has taken a pandemic to show that complementary therapy is just that, it complements what we already acknowledge as conventional medicine. When used in combination, becomes a mighty force to be reckoned with.

All through my life I have always been an advocate of empowering women. But as I have gotten further into my career as a Holistic Trainer/Life Coach, I see a huge need to support those women who are feeling just like I did as a beginner, really scared, experiencing imposter syndrome, and having no confidence.

As I began to teach diploma courses, there was always a student with extra training I didn't have.  I always made it a point to allow them to contribute and enhance our class with their knowledge. Some made natural skincare products that could be used as a medium, so I bought them and used them in class, employed that therapist to teach workshops as additional information to the classes, and did anything else I could do to promote and support each one of them. Once you have participated in my classes I will be your support person infinitum!

I see the potential of these women very clearly, and sometimes all we need is a little break and support from someone who has been there a while, knows the pitfalls, and most importantly, acknowledges that there is room for everyone. We all bring our unique agenda to our work as therapists, so I have no fear that there are too many of us, or that anyone will steal my notes or copy anything. If my notes are stolen and used you are welcome to use them, then you have the correct information well-researched and I am delighted!

Just recently I was introduced to a beautiful lady from India.  She is so knowledgeable and so shy. I asked her to speak at a workshop about her culture and the oils that are used in India, and she blew me away.  Not only was her knowledge superb, but she brought our attention to the fact that we all performed Ayurvedic practices anyway with the little things we did, such as using certain oils as a hair tonic.

She told me after the workshop that she was humbled to be asked to do that. I nearly cried! What a therapist she will be.

These are true therapists/healers and the ones we need so badly, especially today. I am so fortunate to have met and taught these therapists and have been part of their journey, as they have enhanced mine.

Change happens by example and encouragement never by force. Encouraging women to step up and be counted is very close to my heart, as I am still working on it myself, with a wonderful mentor who sees my true worth.

The platform is there and so is the power, let's use it for the good of mankind.


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Beautiful piece Regina - you are a gift to the women you mentor and the clients you serve.

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