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Energy In Motion - E-Motion!

the power of energy and the sea

Everything is energy, that is true! E-motion. Well, energy can feel like different weights, heavy sometimes and light others. I always feel around the month of May that it's time to have a holiday as my energy starts to feel heavy.

I just love being at the sea and enjoying the environment, the feel of the sand, the sound of the waves breaking on the shore, the heat of the sun on my skin when it is sunny, and the air, so fresh and so calming.

This is my best place to feel the energy changing from heavy to much much lighter. A shift in other words so the energy moves right out of the places it is hiding in and into the earth for transmutation.

Verses always come to mind when I am relaxed and calm and this is my go-to place. Gosh, this year there has been so much rain, I am feeling the need to ‘dry out’ somewhere hot! Any offers?

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