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Purple Power

The purple carry-on case got dragged up the mud and stone pathway until we found the most stunning streams of light beaming through the trees. We laughed as we must have been some sight! We were both carrying equipment for the work ahead. Looking a little like we were checking in at the airport! The anxiety was starting to subside, but the excitement was mounting!

Image of a purple suitcase used on my trip to Torc Waterfall where I learned some life coaching tips
The purple power suitcase!

The photographer said, ‘This is it’, and we stopped to put the scene together for the first photo. My purple bag was filled to the brim with props, statues, crystals, scarves, remedy bottles, and outfits. A world of imagination in a purple carry-on bag! This beautiful place is full to bursting with tourists viewing this most stunning forest, with forty shades of green, the sun beaming, the sound of a waterfall thrashing down, and the many deep intakes of breath as visitors stood around in awe. I put my makeshift changing room over my head, (a large Kaftan!) and proceeded to put on the first piece of clothing for the photo shoot. I was positioned appropriately and away she went clicking her camera and suggesting ways to pose, as she does in her very professional manner, all the while gasping at the beauty of the streams of light she was capturing. (I was dying to see what she was talking about but I will have to wait!)

The visitors continued to watch us as they went up to view the waterfall. She is so professional she waited for just the right moment. I might have been tempted to order people to move out of the way, so we could capture the scene, but no, quietly present that is my photographer! The fierceness of the sound compared strongly with the beauty of the scenery. The sound vibrated in the ground underneath me. I could feel the earth shudder. Pure Heaven, that's what I was thinking. The mist rising from the falling water, oh my, how beautiful.

Where am I talking about? The Kingdom, of course, our beautiful county of Kerry. Torc waterfall with all its glory, tumbling angelic torrents of water down into the rushing stream below. Bouncing off the rocks as the water went its merry way. There is just something about rushing water that really brings me back to ground level and in touch with mother earth. Breathing in the fragrance of the forest and observing all the different types of ferns and moss growing all around the rocks, was just exhilarating. Because I live in the city I am bowled over with the beauty of the surroundings and I don’t want to go home. Apparently, it had been raining for weeks previously to this day but the sun shone bright and strong and it lit up the whole area, and added a more mystical dimension to what was already so magical, with its beautiful shades of golden. We moved on to the bridge and took some shots there. More magic and mystery. I could have stayed forever, but we needed to go. Packed up the purple bag and off we went back to the studio. Photography is a whole lot more than just taking pictures. I never realised that my photographer is an ‘awareness coach’. She encouraged me to try different ways of being while she took photos. Dipping into my courage department she moved me around and I stood in interesting greenery that felt so empowering.

Emotions are a very important part of taking photos, but they also play a big part when you are the subject of the photographs being taken. The experienced photographer assists the client, to enjoy the moment, to acknowledge the positives, and to appreciate the opportunity to sit with yourself and just be, something we all find very difficult to do. After a long beautiful day, I took my purple case and checked in at Kerry Airport, waving goodbye to the scenery, the oxygen, the feelings of joy and detachment, and my beautiful photographer. Back to the grindstone and reality, but feeling somber and settled. My little powerful purple case, holding memories and the energy of Torc waterfall. Every time I use it I will remember, the experience, and the breathtaking views, but most of all the onlooking visitors, and the fun we had wading through the crowd. I am blessed and thankful for all the special things in my life that I often overlook.

Can you find moments of gratitude at times of anxiety, stress or overwhelm?

Do you have the tools, I certainly have lots to share in my Holistic Therapist Toolbox, remember you can always email me to arrange a chat to see how I can share them with you to empower you to live your own best life!

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