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💗 Quantum Thinking Technologies – The intrigue, the simplicity, and the best possible results.

Quantum Thinking Technologies is a talk technique, it offers the client an opportunity to release old negative emotions that hold them back from taking part in activities that they would like to do but feel stuck in anxiety, stress overwhelm, or think that they can’t move forward.

It was uniquely devised by Moira Geary, based on 15 years of experience, working with one-to-one clients.

This technique is so simple, easy, and permanent. It involves using NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Quantum Release, Belief changes, Quantum Alignment, Behavioural codes, and other techniques.

It is recommended to have two sessions initially, two hours each with a fortnight apart. There is also an eight-week personal development coaching programme one hour per week, that follows should the client wish to avail of it.

My first introduction to QTT was five years ago. I was accompanied on my journey of health and wellbeing by an amazing practitioner who was trained in this technique. At that time, I was suffering with chronic shoulder pain that I had since I was a young teenager, sometimes it was manageable but times when I got busy it was very debilitating.

Since taking part in that first release, I no longer have that shoulder pain. I did some belief changes as well, and so intrigued by the result I decided to train in the technique myself.

It did not just help me with physical pain, but when I released the emotional baggage that was behind the pain, reset some negative beliefs, everything got very much better for me.

Since then, I have accompanied lots of people on their journey too using QTT as a modality to move forward and help them to live their best life.

If you are interested and would like to check it out, there are many testimonials on my website from clients who have taken part in QTT.

Normally with any complementary therapies I work with, the client returns on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Its usual to wait until the client returns to hear the feedback and observe their appearance to check the results of the treatment. With QTT the result is immediate. I can see the change in the clientstraight away before they leave the treatment room or zoom whatever way we are working. So, this work is easy, simple, immediate and best of all permanent.

The work you release doesn’t come back. Isn’t that something? I think it’s a wonderful modality and I’m so privileged to be a QTT Practitioner to accompany you to bring peace, contentment and happiness back into your life, you deserve it.

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