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💗 Aromatherapy ~ My Introduction

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

The heart was thumping in my chest, water dripping down my back, my stomach felt like a washing machine as I entered a room full of women I had never met before, all eagerly waiting for ‘the talk’ to start.

The first thing that struck me was the fragrance. It drew me right to the centre of the room. There stood a woman, beside a massage bed, getting her equipment ready for the talk. She was wearing a purple skirt and a white top. Her hair was long and tied back. She was about to demonstrate a face massage using essential oils.

Her beautiful oils were all laid out with love, those that relaxed, de-stressed and uplifted us. As we were a group of parents with kids with additional needs this information was just invaluable. The title of the talk was ‘Coping with Stress a New Way’. I was intrigued by the word ‘stress’ even though I had never heard it before, I was aware of its effects! Aromatherapy was my first introduction to the world of healing therapies.

I received many full body treatments from that wonderful therapist, in an effort to manage my stress which really did the trick. The weekly contact with her was magical. She suggested I find a training course so that I could become a therapist myself. I enrolled in a year long, full time College course and there my journey began, learning to help other people manage their stress too.

Many hours of study followed. I qualified with an Holistic Massage and a Stress Management Diploma at the end of that academic year. I went on to add much more to my repertoire including a teaching diploma. I opened my training college where I taught the therapies, I was qualified in for 16 years.

As I have progressed through my journey into healing myself and helping others to heal, I have come to love coaching which includes a combination of all I know and an amazing new modality, Quantum Thinking Technologies. Clients are having great results with a combination of therapies, tips tools and techniques. Empowering clients with knowledge, inspiring them to change their thinking, let go of old patterns of belief and negativity that no longer serve them and nurturing them to live the happy peaceful life they deserve, is just what I love to do.

Photography by the wonderful Amy Kane Photography #womenempoweringwomen

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