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Busy Bee - A Poem by Regina Curley

Gaining calm, focus and planning techniques with life coaching
Busy workers

Buzz buzz says Mr. Bee, get out of my way I’m busy you see,

Lots of nectar to gather today, The pollen is high and so am I,

Your garden has flowers, I’ll be here for hours.

So stay where you are, I have a task to complete,

I’m carrying pollen on my little feet,

You don’t need to prune, to water, or feed,

Just let me keep gathering all that I need.

Back to the hive where my buddies await,

They guard my delivery coming into the gate,

I am welcomed home and I guarantee,

Soon you’ll have honey, for your evening tea.

busy bee focussed and achieving their goals

I was working in the garden removing the dead heads on the flowers and tidying up the fallen petals when this huge bee came buzzing by. He was full of anxiety I thought he might be on a deadline and his buzz was so loud!

He fussed around from one flower to the other his legs absolutely laden with pollen. Every time I went in to tidy, he buzzed around me, to tell me to leave the space alone, he was working!

The antics of him really amused me. He was getting the job done no matter what! I decided to write this little verse having watched him work away.

Do you know that one spoonful of honey alone can keep you alive for twenty-four hours? We should use a wooden or plastic spoon when taking the honey from the jar, otherwise, the live enzymes in the honey die.

Bees are the brain and heart of our eco-environment. Learning from this beautiful creature, he was not allowing anything to get in his way of doing his work, even me with my trowel, but when we plan and focus, we get can get good results too.

Especially when we follow through on our plans.

Sometimes I feel like a bee! Very busy and focussed. Making sure everything is exactly right for my clients so that the end product is the best it can be, sweet and wholesome.

Clarity from the coaching session, tools, and tips to support the work put them all together and the end product is a good result. How are your plans and what are you allowing to get in your way of living your best life?

Are you following your dreams or are you just buzzing around? Maybe it’s time to focus, get working, and get results just like Mr. Bee!

If you would like to find our more about how I can help you to plan, focus and gain clarity with my life coaching sessions then do feel free to contact me, I offer a zero obligation discovery call to see where you are at and how best I can help empower you to live your best life!

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