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Rest & Digest

Rest and digest the power of reflexology and its benefits

Most of us are a lot more familiar with stress mode or survival mode than rest and digest mode. When our body perceives that we are in danger or threat, it switches to the fight/flight/freeze mode. It is a genetic in-built mechanism that protects us from harm, well that is what it was designed for, however, that is not always what it does. Sometimes how our body perceives is not correct. This system switches on and off all day long without our knowledge. When the body realises that it is no longer in danger, it switches to rest and digest. We can switch this mode on ourselves, every time we decide to take a few deep breaths, meditate, reset the Vagus nerve, or go and have a nice massage or reflexology treatment. So we do have the power to switch this mode on. How do you switch to rest and digest mode, I love the seaside that is my special place. I always come back refreshed and uplifted.

The coming week is World Reflexology Week and to mark it I will be including anyone who books their reflexology treatment for this week into a prize draw to win a place at my Hands On Beginner's Aroma Head to Shoulders to Fingertips Workshop in November worth €100!

To mark World Reflexology Week for reflexologists I will be hosting Let's Open The Practitioner's Casebook Part 2 - Endometriosis, Anxiety, Diabetes, Sinusitis & more.

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