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Grandparents Day

grandparents day

Today's blog is in honour of Grandparents Day!I

I often think that I am so fortunate to have five grandchildren ranging in age from five and a half up to almost twenty-six. Three grandsons and two granddaughters ranging in age from five and a half up to almost twenty-six. If anyone had told me that I would experience joy at the highest vibration, by just holding the child of my child I would never have believed them! The feeling is like no other, I often joke and say we should have had our grandchildren first, but we should! All the joy and no responsibility that's the best feeling ever I will never forget the first sight of my eldest grandson he was so tiny. The love that I felt for him just swept over me like a wave, enveloped me in a way that I have never been able to go back to who I was beforehand, in a positive way I mean! You know what it’s like when you hold your own baby, well this went out of the ballpark! The joy fun and laughter with no responsibility is probably the best part. Three grandsons showed up first before we got the power of another woman into the family, and what a powerhouse she is! A no-nonsense girl! Then another followed. Watching them grow up has been a privilege and hearing their stories and events that happen is priceless. Their different interests, ambitions, and way of seeing things, is so precious. Seeing them go on their journey of education, sport, achievements, and most of all friendships. Spoiling them with treats and getting away with it, is even better! I was a big fan of my own Nana, my Dad's mother. She lived two houses away from us and was in our lives quite a lot of course. Being the first granddaughter after two grandsons, I was loved and adored by her as my Dad had six brothers and one sister. She was so loving and so forward-thinking. She was always on our side that's how I felt anyway! Speaking up for us when our Dad would tell us off. What a matriarchal figure she was, small tubby, bossy, and strong-willed! Mmmmm….. I wonder who takes after her then?? Sadly she died when I was eleven and I missed her so much for so long. She was a woman's woman, her thinking was way before her time! She sent for my mother regularly so she could have a cuppa and a much-needed break from the daily family routine, which then was real manually labour intensive! My mother adored her and they were the best of friends. Every day I give gratitude for my grandchildren, their safety, health and well-being. They are truly a treasure.

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