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💗 Holidays are my medicine

Holidays are really important to me, they allow me to rest and relax and while I am doing that, lots of ideas come up for processing.

Spending time with family on holidays is precious. It doesn’t matter where I am having holidays, but my favourite place now is Lanzarote. I love the sunshine and you are almost always guaranteed it in the Canary Islands.

There’s a lovely breeze there so I don’t feel like I am roasting away! The air is so fresh and so calming, I just love it.  The seaside and the sunshine that’s my healing therapy.

More to the point when I am relaxing, lots of ideas come to mind and then I can write them down and start working on them.

The very first holiday I remember was when we went to Portmarnock in a caravan. My Mam my sister and one brother. The weather was mixed, some sunny days and some rain.  What I remember most was the earwigs! I was terrified of them! My poor Mam was exhausted chasing after them all!

The seaside is a great place to have a holiday. My Nana always said sun sea and fresh air were the best doctors for any child. As a result, she cultivated in me, a love of the sea, the healing energy of the water, and the freshness of the air.

Every Sunday during the summer my Dad’s family would meet on the beach in Portmarnock and we would spend the day together.  All the grandchildren playing away in the water and on the sand. 

My mother would spend the evening on Saturday making the picnic for the following day. The adults had ham sandwiches and the children had eggs. They brought their tea leaves, milk, sugar, and cups, and the vendors selling boiling water provided the rest.

If we were good children we got ice cream, and we were delighted with that. But the company of the cousins was the best of all.  One, in particular, chased us with seaweed and roared with laughter as we ran around screaming and he after us.

I often think what a pity it is to grow up! Obviously, as we did and my Nana passed away, her legacy was left behind her. 

It just didn’t seem the same anymore to not have her there. But the memories are so precious and so great to have.

Sunshine seaside and fresh air, are all the medicine we need.

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