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It's a GOLD!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a son with Down Syndrome. He is a Special Olympics athlete training in three sports. Four years ago he was selected to take part on the basketball team representing Team Ireland. The excitement the emotions, the overwhelming emotions I will never forget for as long as I live. Today Monday 19th June, we just got the news that Ireland's first gold medal has been won by Timothy Morohan, guess what he’s from our club South Dublin Sports Club winning the 5000 metres race. How wonderful is that? Not only that but it's a personal best! Double whammy! The expression on his face, and his mother's face as she hugs him in congratulations. He is so happy, she is so happy, that's what it is all about. When you know the athlete it makes it even more real.

Timothy & Geoff Irish Special Olympians
Timothy & Geoff

More to the point when you know what the experience is like, you are nearly going through it with them! The Special Olympics movement was started in the United States by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of J.F. Kennedy a pioneer in the worldwide struggle for rights and acceptance for people with intellectual disabilities. She began in her back garden in Maryland, imagine, and now it is one of the greatest events in the world. Special Olympics provides year-round sport and competition for athletes with an intellectual disability. The learning of the sport and the discipline involved along with the social aspect is just incredible how athletes make progress in every way possible. Discipline is the security that brings us all into touch! A group of trained voluntary coaches that say what they mean and mean what they say can make the biggest difference ever to a developing athlete. The volunteers are dedicated persons with a vision to assist your athlete to develop their potential.

Gold medal winner Timothy special olympics ireland
Gold medal winner Timothy

Seeing athletes excel in their particular sport is so emotional. I ran a swim club for ten years, so I know the experience of seeing them win and take their place on the podium for all to see. The pride, the joy, and the reward that's what describe Special Olympics. When World Games came to Ireland in 2003, the first time outside the United States, it was a huge event. We had an athlete on the swim team and she won a gold medal for backstroke. I screamed I cried I cried and cried. It is so wonderful. The end-of-year party is coming up in a couple of weeks, that's something to look forward to when the team comes home. The joy makers of this world, share their joy. Unbeatable Together, that's the theme for the 2023 games. Well, that's for sure, athletes volunteers coaches it all works!

Clear your mind, improve your focus and find joy through meditation. i have put together a meditate with me series of audios to help you to do just that.

You can find them on my YouTube channel here

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Watch this space for part 3 coming soon!

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