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I’m sure you have heard the term ‘lightworker’ lots of times, I certainly have, long before I ever understood what it was about. 

what is a lightworker?

Candles have always been an interest of mine, along with lots of other practices and rituals. I love the ambiance that's created in the room when I light a candle in the dusky evening; the glow just brings a beautiful, calm, and relaxed sensation. Long before I trained as a holistic practitioner and got into the understanding of candles and how they can be used appropriately, I was burning them regularly.

I burn them in my treatment of clients all of the time. They are often under the well in the burner allowing the beautiful aroma of essential oils to waft through the treatment room while the client is receiving Reflexology, Reiki, or coaching. The scent is both healing and soothing. Since lockdown  I have found that quite a large number of clients booking appointments are experiencing anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

There is a candle burning on my coffee table in the living room all of the time.  The special intentions of clients and family members underneath it are handed over to the light of healing for the best possible result. I kid you not it is a very powerful ritual indeed. The handing over, I think is the key to it all.

I meditate twice a day and always with a lighted candle. The new introduction of battery LED candles is a great idea. They are safe and light up a space beautifully. I use those too, but I still light the candle as well.

I often wondered what it was like before electricity, and candles were used all the time for light. I am sure that the ambiance was not the most noticeable effect, but the need for light while reading and working was the greatest. We are so lucky now that we can choose to light a candle just for its beautiful relaxing effect rather than for light. 

In healing practices, light is a word that we hear a lot of. All of us who treat clients, channel energy or information, or indeed do a kind deed for another are all lightworkers. When I work with a very distressed client, who does not understand what has happened in his/her life, and why they feel so overwhelmed, the awareness of that new information, to me is like flicking a switch and putting on a light. The light of knowledge and empowerment is in itself a healer and it is expressed all over the face of the client.

So I ask you, can you be the light so others can shine? Maybe you are already a lightworker too?

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