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The Gift Of Noticing

Discover the serene beauty of Killarney National Park in winter. Experience the tranquil flow of River Laune amidst stunning scenery. Embrace the surprising warmth of the winter sun and its health benefits HOLISTIC LIFE COACH DUBLIN IRELAND REGINA CURLEY

The winter sun always intrigued me with the way it can look so beautiful but yet be so cold! However, the health benefits from exposure to the sunlight are still the same even if it's not summer.

This photo was taken in Killarney National Park on the last day of November 2023. It was such a surprise that the weather was so good so I thought why not take advantage and get some winter photos?

The river Laune runs through the park and beautifully meanders through the most incredible scenery, ferns, waterfalls, rocks, moss, everything you could imagine! It drains from the MacGillicuddy Reeks mountains and if there was ever a little piece of heaven this is it.

I can still hear the sound of it flowing as I look at this photo, the colours, and the way it rippled in some places and rushed in others. With the effort to flow around the rocks and moss, I could sit here all day and just look at the view.

Most of all I noticed how I felt while I sat there. So calm, so peaceful and so detached from all that was going on in the world. The gift of noticing is such a powerful one.

Here I could self-care to the highest order. The sun which was quite warm, even though the air temperature was chilly, just brought beauty to the day that wasn't expected. 

Nature in its glory, knows best, doesn't need to be prompted, blooms on time, and gives us such wonders to help us calm soothe, and heal. A memory when you observe a photo, what you were thinking, the sound, the heat the beautiful scenery, we are so fortunate in Ireland to have such beauty.

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