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Have you noticed since you became a grown-up that you don’t laugh as much as you did when you were a child?

Sometimes life gets serious and the fun and the laughter go out the window. Well, I decided on two words this year and one of them is fun. So if I am having fun I expect a lot of laughter to follow as well. 

Laughter brings on a rush of neurochemicals, our ‘feel gooders’ serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine. All those chemicals have knock-on effects. They help us strengthen our immune system and keep our mental health in good shape.

The world we are experiencing now is a world full of anxious people, stressed-out parents, and very angry children, I dare say very few people find it easy to cope. It is so fast-paced and demanding that is my experience anyway.

So I am deliberately on the lookout for some laughter and some fun for 2024. It is an eight-year, which is all about creativity and connection to our spirituality. Creating fun is not as much of a challenge as you may think it is.

The company you keep plays a huge role in fun, laughter, and happiness. Choosing wisely is a real skill. I love conversations with people who are on my wavelength, with a good sense of humour, and enjoy some fun. I want to strengthen my immune system, boost my mood, diminish pain, and reduce stress.

Humour is one of my best attributes it helped me to get through lots of difficulties. Most importantly it inspires hope, lightens the load, allows your mind to take a well-earned break, and keeps you grounded and connected to those who care for you even if it is just for a short time.

Have a go and see what you can do with humour, to help you brighten your dark days, it really is the best medicine.

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