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The Circle of Remedy Makers!

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

When I was training which was a very long time ago now, I was very fortunate to have been in a class of twenty-six students, seven of whom were women between the ages of thirty-five and fifty years of age. The seven of us went to every single class without fail, out of fear of what we would miss out on! FOMO I believe they call it now!

Regina Curley Aromatherapy Blends

One of the subjects was a certificate in Health Store Management. As part of that course each week a relevant topic was lectured and we all paid attention as we were told that a question on our exam paper would be about one of these lectures.

The first one was about Bach Flower Remedies. So amazing, here I was learning about flowers which I totally love and adore, helping to heal the emotional body. I certainly know that the fragrance alone raises the vibration, and also heals all bodies, so there I was absolutely and utterly hooked. I began to use them for myself and have done so ever since, even without any training, making guesses a lot of the time, they always worked anyway. The important thing about these remedies is that there are no contraindications which is wonderful to hear. But of course, you need to be trained and knowledgeable so you choose the correct ones, to get the desired effect. Having the ability to choose and make a remedy for a client with a specific condition, is indeed a mammoth task.

When we learned that there was a remedy called the exam mixture which helped you remember information, we were definitely trying that one! So we set out to make it, come rain or shine! They were great that group of women!

The important thing here is it needs to be used at the start of the course, as well as the information needs to be studied too! It does not magically plant information into your head, sadly!

Every Friday those group of ladies and I, would treat ourselves to a sandwich in the local pub at lunchtime have a chat, and look forward to the early end of the class day and get home to our families to do our other jobs. Each person was given an item to purchase from the list of ingredients. The following Friday we all sat around the table all set to make up the remedy. We had brown glass dripper bottles, spring water, remedies, and lots of goodwill to make the mixture.

Bachs aromatherapy blends, bespoke aromatherapy blends  for pain management, stress, anxiety, insomnia by Regina Curley, Dublin, Ireland

We made a mother tincture first, which we all took our treatment bottles from. Immediately we began to use them and we exchanged notes regularly on how they were working. As we were diligently working away the barman came over and asked us what we were doing. When we told him he said, right so I didn't realise that I had a witches coven in on a Friday at lunchtime and laughed his head off!

So the exam day came and true to form there was the question loud and clear and it was about hypnotherapy and Anton Mesmer, I will never forget it. I must say it was one subject that I didn't revise very well, but I was surprised as I could remember everything that needed to go down on the paper. Of course, the information has to be put into the storage system first, if it is to be successfully retrieved!

I was amazed at how I could remember the name of that person and the dates to go with the information too. So after that, I used it many times during course studies and exam time.

So every one of those nine subjects I brought along my exam mixture and so did the other six students. All through the exams which went on for a month, you could hear the squeeze of the dripper bottle and squirt as it went into the mouth of the receiver. On the way out of one exam, a student who was taking university preparation studies asked me what on earth were we all doing with the little brown bottles! When I told her she said, well you would think that you would share that with the rest of us then!! I told her it was an experiment and that we were not trained to give it to anyone else, but the interest in what the students from ‘Holistic Health Studies’ were doing gathered quite a following!

Regina Curley aromatherapy blends for pain managements, anxiety, stress management,insomnia, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland

So here I am finally embarking on a practitioner's course, (only thirty years later) where I will be taught to assess clients appropriately and prescribe the correct remedy. I am so excited to be able to offer this support alongside my other therapies, of course. As all illnesses have their origin in some emotional disturbance it will be wonderful to enhance treatments with a follow-up remedy for homecare use.

The best testimonial is my own one for now. They have helped me in lots of situations alongside my other stress management tips tools and techniques. I used them with Geoff when we was having a hard time at mainstream school and they were super effective.

So watch this space for future information, more magic awaits us!

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