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Reflect & Evaluate

Reflect on 2023 with insights on personal growth, setting boundaries, and embracing positivity. Learn how sincerity shaped my year and discover the key to making 2024 your best year yet. Dive into valuable lessons for a life well-lived. #PersonalGrowth #Boundaries #Reflection

It is always a good exercise to look back and reflect on the year that you have just lived through. I like to use these tools i.e., 

(a) What went well and what learning am I bringing with me into the next year? 

(b) What did not go so well and what am I letting go of?

(c) What will I change to make life better in the coming year? 

Anyone who knows me knows that I talk about living your best life, and in my experience that is not possible unless you assess and evaluate what you have already done and either change it or keep doing it, it is really that simple.

The year 2023, brought me many positive learnings that I can take into my life and my business. I decided at the beginning of the year my word was going to be sincere. Well, be careful what you wish for, because I got a big lesson in realising just how sincere I am, but more to the point how insincere others may be especially those that you expect more of!

Well, that positive learning is coming into 2024 with me along with my new word ‘boundaries’ and fun of course. I am intending to work on my boundaries more and strengthen them with my positive learnings from last year. 

I am grateful for the lessons that I can now add to my wisdom and make this year my best year yet.

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