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💗 The power is in the ripple

A few years ago I decided to change my brand. While I knew a change was needed I had no idea what I wanted. Many conversations later, I found a little gem of a woman who was very helpful and gave me the support I needed to make that change.

In the course of conversation with the designer who made my logo about what I wanted and the colours I might use, she asked me what my work involved. I did my best to explain, which at that time was very difficult for me. I knew what I did of course but I couldn't get it across very well, that made me really examine what I did and my ‘why’.

Having listened to me she said she thought she was trying to capture a feeling. I thought that was really inspirational as that was exactly what my business was about, feelings and helping other people manage theirs.

Because I had so many different modalities she tried to see the connection between them. She is a very talented young woman that clearly does her work very well and knows her stuff.

That conversation made me really look at my work. What do I do and the effect it has on the clients I work with and the results they get? I then began to realise that when I work on a client, not only do they get good results, but the other people that they are living with and surrounded by, get the benefit as well.

Last but not least, I get benefits too. As the practitioner, the work that others bring to me for resolution also is my work too. Assisting clients to gain clarity, change their old patterns of behaviour to ones that serve them better, make decisions and live their best life, helps me to do the same.

The ripple effect is so powerful. There is no way that you can possibly work in isolation from everyone else, after all, we are all connected energetically.

Getting back to the young woman who helped me with the logo, I felt she got me in one when she presented my initials and the ripple on the water in between.

Besides being delighted with the logo, she made me really look at my work and why I do what I do. She had no idea about QTT or Reiki or Reflexology, so she got me to explain what they all did for the clients that booked in.

I have attended many workshops and short courses over the years. All of that learning has an impact on those that live with me and are around me. Even as a practitioner, when I train in a new modality, my family members gain from my new knowledge. That’s the ripple effect in action.

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