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💗 The Waiting Game…. With Hindsight

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

I’m delighted to introduce this month’s Women Empowering Women guest Blogger the lovely Nurture Niche member Aoife Keely.

I met this young woman last June when I began my Nurture Niche Group. She has been on every Wednesday night since and inspired me to put the Journaling Gems and Regina’s Rituals workshops together.

She’s a very honest down to earth woman, says it as it is, I really like that. Her blog is exactly that, truthful, honest, and down to earth. Enjoy.

When I think of how naive I was about fertility. I wanted to be married, wanted a house this delayed us trying for a baby for years and years. I knew about it, but I suppose you just never think it will happen to you.